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Electric Leakage In Concrete Batching Plant, Don't Panic

Does hzs75 concrete batching plant leak electricity? The answer is yes, as a kind of by electricity as power station of a complete set of equipment is not leakage in theory, but the reality in the installation and wiring, because use the wire, the influence of the mixing plant equipment installation and the external environment, concrete mixing plant equipment leakage reasons are mostly used by the problem of wire, circuit voltage instability or installation errors. Since there will be leakage in the hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant, we should know how to test for leakage and protection. Four steps to easily handle the leakage of concrete mixing plant equipment.

1. Judge whether the line is indeed leaking electricity. It is possible to measure the line edge resistance with a megometer or to connect an ammeter on the main switch and switch on all the mixing station without turning on the equipment. If the ammeter pointer swings, it indicates that the line is leaking electricity.

hzs75 concrete batching plant

2. Judge whether it is leakage between phase line and zero line or between phase line and earth, or both. The judgment method is to cut off the zero line, or the ammeter indication is unchanged, is the leakage between the phase line and the earth; If the ammeter indicates zero, it is leakage between phase line and zero line. If the ammeter indicates small but not zero, then both are indicated.

3. Determine the leakage scope. If the ammeter indication does not change, it is bus leakage. If the ammeter indicates zero, it is shunt leakage. If the ammeter indication is smaller but not zero, it indicates that the bus and shunt are all leakage.

4. Find the leakage point. After the above inspection, the switch of the luminaire of the circuit shall be pulled open in turn. When a switch is opened, if the ammeter indicates return to zero, it is the branch line leakage, if the ammeter indication becomes smaller, it indicates that in addition to the branch line leakage, there are other leakage. Or use the test pen section test may also. The leakage point can be found by narrowing down the search area one by one.

Above is the test hzs75 concrete batching plant for sale leakage and leakage prevention method, the following said HaoMei concrete mixing plant advantages

Excellent stirring performance

hzs75 stationary concrete batching station host mixing ability, mixing quality, high productivity. It has good mixing effect for the concrete of dry, semi-hard, plastic and various ratio. The lubrication system and spindle drive system all adopt the full set of original import, and the hydraulic door opening mechanism can adjust the opening degree of unloading door according to the need. The mixing shaft of China js1000 concrete mixer adopts anti-adhesion technology, which can effectively prevent cement agglomerating on the shaft, and the shaft end seal adopts special multi-seal structure, which can effectively prevent sand leakage and ensure the continuous operation of the whole mixing system.

stationary concrete batching plant

The cleaning system adopts automatic control of high-pressure water pump and manual control, and each outlet is located directly above the main shaft of mixing, which improves the efficiency of mixing, increases water mist, reduces dust pollution and effectively removes cement caking.

Second, outstanding environmental performance

All powdery materials, from feeding, batching, metering, feeding to stirring, are carried out in a closed state. The dust pipes of js1000 concrete mixer cover, cement measuring silo and fly ash measuring silo are all connected with the dust collector, and the aggregate filling mouth is set with dust proof plate, so as to reduce the dust emission. The completely enclosed stirring main building and belt conveyer structure reduce dust and noise pollution to the environment. The use of negative pressure dust removal and special fiber filter cloth, so that the dust produced during the feeding into the dust filter and do not spread around, and the collected dust can be easily recovered and reused, effectively protect the environment. Users can also choose to import dust removal system.

The main environmental pollutants of cement mixing plant are nitrogen oxides produced by dust and fuel combustion. The main sources of dust are the disorganized discharge of raw materials, fuel storage yard and the discharge of each production node. Modern large-scale dry cement plant will pay attention to the recovery and utilization of dust. New four-channel pulverized coal burners are generally used for fuel calcination to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides.

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