HZS60 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Haomei provides customized hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant made in China, welcome to inquiry if you need to concrete minxing plant in stock.

Productivity: 60m3/h
Capacity of Mixer: 1.0m3
Discharge Height: 3.8m
Aggregate Bin: 3

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Description of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant:

1. HZS60 concrete batching plant has been widely used at home and abroad and has won a good reputation in the field of construction.

2. Chinese hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant, also known as concrete mixing plant, is developed by our company on the basis of absorbing the world's advanced technology.

3. The batching plant has been widely used at home and abroad, and has won a good reputation in the field of architecture and engineering. We have been engaged in the production of high quality concrete batching plant with cheap price for many years.

Introduction of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Components:

HZS60 stationary concrete batching plant for sale:

1. Modular structure, easy to install, assemble and transport.

2. Chinese hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant adopts JS1000 biaxial forced concrete mixer.

3. The measurement of components and control components is imported from the United States, Japan and Germany.

4. Computer control system can maintain accuracy and stable measurement performance.


Cement bin of HZS60 concrete mixing plant:

1. Cement silos are suitable for bulk cement and dry fly ash, grains and waterproof materials.

2. Cement silos are cylinders and support structures.

3. Cement silo generally adopts bulk cement conveying concrete truck, and the powder is fed into the silo through pneumatic conveying.

How to install mixing system of concrete batching plant correctly

1. Remove the blocks and bolts used to fasten the weighing hopper during transportation, install the sensors, install the weighing in place, and gently push the weighing hopper of the mixing station by hand. The force is basically the same.

2. An electrician with a job permit should be required to perform the wiring operation of the cheap hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant, and connect the weight display controller to the related components with peripheral wiring. The power socket is connected with the three-hole socket and three-core cable in the electric control cabinet. The power source is 220V and the voltage is 50Hz. The lead of the sensor on the batching station is inserted into the sensor interface at the rear of the weight display controller.

3. The hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant for sale needs to be run by machine for debugging. Close the empty switch in the control cabinet and turn on the power. Note: The red mushroom head emergency stop button on the control panel should pop up to reset, and the red power indicator on the panel is on. Turn the manual / automatic knob to the manual position, jog aggregate weighing, aggregate I weighing, (the following applies to PLD800) unloading start, unloading stop, (the following applies to PLD1200) two-way feeding, (the following applies to PLD1200) Unload button, check if each action is correct.

Measures for sudden power failure of concrete batching plant

After the concrete mixing station is suddenly powered off, follow these steps

1. First turn the power switches to the off state according to the operating procedures and procedures. Use the manual door opening device of the mixer to quickly open the mixer discharge door to remove the unmixed concrete in the mixer to prevent the concrete from solidifying after a long time. After unloading the residual materials, the mixer should be cleaned.

2. If the transition bucket just stores the material, it should also be emptied in time when there is still residual air pressure in the gas storage tank.

Reproduction after power failure:

3. The unfinished materials on the scale and the unconveyed materials on the belt conveyor are continued to be dispensed or delivered by manual operation before the next automatic operation is started.

4. Check carefully before starting to make sure there are no faults.

5. After the normal operation is completed, the water pump and the operation valve should be started to clean the agitator.


How to troubleshoot concrete batching plant cylinder

The hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant manufacturer tells you how to troubleshoot the cylinder failure of the concrete mixing station; what are the specific aspects of the cylinder failure of the pneumatic system failure of the concrete batching plant?

1. Leakage inside and outside the cylinder of the high quality hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant is generally caused by eccentric piston rod installation, insufficient lubricant supply, worn or damaged seals and seal rings, impurities in the cylinder and scars on the piston rod. The center position of the piston rod should be readjusted. The reliability of the oil mister should be checked frequently and the impurities in the cylinder should be removed in time. When there is a scar on the piston rod, a new one should be replaced.

2. Insufficient output and unstable operation of the cylinder of the mixing station are generally caused by the piston or piston rod being stuck, poor lubrication, insufficient supply, or condensed water and impurities in the cylinder. The center position of the piston rod should be adjusted; the reliability of the oil mister's work should be checked; if the air supply pipeline is blocked, the condensate and impurities in the cylinder should be removed in time.

3. The cushioning effect of the cylinder of the cheap hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant is not good. Generally, the cushioning seal is worn or the adjustment screw is damaged. The seal and adjustment screw should be replaced.

4. The piston rod and cylinder head of the concrete batching plant with cheap price are damaged. Generally, the eccentric installation of the piston rod or the buffer mechanism does not work. The center position of the piston rod should be adjusted in time. If necessary, replace the buffer seal or adjustment screw.


Capacity of Mixer


Discharge Height


Aggregate Bin


Capacity of Aggregate Bin


Max. Weighing Value of aggregate


Max. Weighing Value of cement


Max. Weighing Value of water


Max. Weighing Value of additive

Feeding Type/Belt
Cement Silo/Optional
Cement Screw Conveyor/Optional
Control Mode/Auto control

Production Case


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