HZS90 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

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Aggregate Bin: 90m3/h
Capacity of Mixer: 1.5m3
Discharge Height: 3.8m
Feeding Type: Belt Conveyor

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Description of HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

1. Planetary gear is used in the driving system, and universal drive shaft ensures rotation at the same speed.

2. Spiral hybrid system is selected for hybrid system.

3. The scales and stirring blades are made of wear-resistant box alloy steel with high rigidity and toughness, which prolongs the service life.

4. The whole spreader adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, running smoothly and reliably.

5. The lubrication system adopts advanced centralized oil lubrication system for convenient oil supply.

6. The lubrication system is provided with overpressure warning and low oil level warning, which is safe and reliable.

7. PC + PLC control system, high reliability.

8, accurate calculation, can meet the requirements of high performance concrete.

9. Humanized intelligent control greatly facilitates operation.

10. The structural parts are rugged and durable, and most of the electrical components are from world famous brands.

hzs90 stationary concrete batching plant price

Features of HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

1. The mixing plant is suitable for large and medium-sized projects, DAMS, roads and Bridges.

2. The mixing station has low noise and low energy consumption.

3. The productivity of the mixing plant is 90 cubic meters per hour.

JS1500 biaxial forced concrete mixer with high mixing performance.

5. Training service and spare parts for mixing plant suppliers are free.

Hazard of high temperature in concrete mixing station

During the construction of the concrete mixing station, a variety of equipment must be turned on. Each type of equipment needs a large amount of power to produce a large amount of concrete. Therefore, a large amount of heat is generated during use, and the heat in some parts is not even normal It will cause the internal temperature of the machine to be too high and some parts of the equipment will not work properly.

How to avoid high temperature in concrete mixing station

The concrete mixing station can pay attention to heat exchange as much as possible in production. The best method is to reduce the temperature of the feed without affecting the quality of the product, so that the heat can also get some exchange so that the equipment will not overheat.

hzs90 stationary concrete batching plant made in china

Quality requirements of raw materials for concrete mixing plants

1. The production of concrete mixing stations cannot be separated from the participation of raw materials. Raw materials play an important role in the production of concrete mixing plants. Today the manufacturer of concrete mixing plant will introduce the quality requirements of raw material fly ash for concrete mixing plant in detail.

2. The appearance of fly ash in the concrete mixing station is similar to that of cement, so be careful not to mix and misuse in use. Due to different combustion conditions and changes in the composition, fineness, and water content of fly ash, it will affect the color of fly ash, especially the change in carbon content in the group can change the color of fly ash from milky white to gray black Therefore, for the concrete with appearance and color requirements, light and homogeneous fly ash should be selected, that is, the color of fly ash must be controlled.

3. In the quality evaluation and production control of commercial fly ash, the color of fly ash in the concrete mixing station is an important indicator, because the color can reflect the amount and fineness of the carbon content, so the color becomes the quality of fly ash. One of the basic indicators of control. For the purpose of quality assessment and production control, the color index of qualified fly ash shall not be greater than 7.0.


Capacity of Mixer


Discharge Height


Aggregate Bin


Capacity of Aggregate Bin


Max. Weighing Value of aggregate


Max. Weighing Value of cement


Max. Weighing Value of water


Max. Weighing Value of additive

Feeding Type/Belt
Cement Silo/Optional
Cement Screw Conveyor/Optional
Control Mode/Auto Control

Production Case


HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant Installed in Philippines

On March 14, 2018, the Halma HZS75 concrete mixing station was successfully installed in the Philippines. Our customers are satisfied with the factory because "it's as good as before".

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