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What Is Large Concrete Mixing Plant

The modern city is developing rapidly, and the demand for the construction and development of intercity railways, passenger dedicated lines, and high-speed railways is increasing. The volume of concrete construction of 200,000 cubic meters and above has reached the conditions for the construction of a centralized hzs180 stationary concrete batching plant, and can be defined as large-scale concrete mixing station.

Considerations for Site Selection of Mixing Plant

Familiar with the direction of the concrete at the construction site is generally regarded as one of the most important links in the construction. The transportation distance of the concrete directly affects the quality of the concrete. Therefore, the construction of the concrete batching plant must be considered at the beginning and the end to fully meet the site requirements. Before confirming the site selection, you must be familiar with the traffic conditions in the area traversed by the construction line, and confirm the distribution of the concrete according to the construction drawings, so as to locate the approximate center position of the concrete mixing station.


Basic Elements of Construction of Mixing Plant

The construction of the mixing plant must take into account basic factors such as water, electricity and floor space. Water is the most basic production factor for the production of mixed concrete. Stations in areas without water sources should not be considered for building stations. Samples should be taken in advance in areas with water sources and sent to testing stations for water quality inspection. Electricity is the most important production factor for the production of mixed concrete. When familiar with the environment, you should consider as close as possible to the place where the electricity can be connected.

HZS35 stationary concrete batching plant with a production capacity of 200,000 cubic meters and above covers an area of about 20,000 square meters and above. The main considerations are: production area, material storage warehouse, test and detection area, power distribution and backup power supply warehouse, cleaning and purification area, living Area, green belt, circular transport corridor, etc. Familiar with the surrounding environment of the construction site. The concrete mixing station is a processing base with a high degree of mechanized construction. Pollution such as dust and noise is relatively serious. When selecting a site, try to avoid areas with a high concentration of personnel such as residential groups, schools, breeding bases, and livestock. Minimize external influence factors.

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