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Tips For Concrete Pump Operation

1. The operator and relevant equipment management personnel should carefully read the instruction manual, master its structural principles, use and maintenance, and relevant knowledge of pumping concrete; when using and operating Chinese concrete pump, strictly follow the instruction manual. Because the operator needs a process to fully grasp the mechanical properties, the instruction manual should be backed up at random. At the same time, special operating points should be formulated according to the instruction manual to achieve effective control of some variable factors in the pumping technology, such as pump position and pipeline layout.

2. The ground supporting mobile concrete pump should be flat and solid; the whole machine should be placed horizontally and should not be inclined during the work. The outriggers should be able to stably support the whole machine, and be reliably locked or fixed. The position of the pump should be convenient for the concrete mixer truck to enter and exit and feed the hopper, and it should be considered to be beneficial to the pumping of the piping and reduce the pressure loss of the pumping. At the same time, it is required to be close to the pouring site, and the power supply and water supply are convenient.

chinese concrete pump

3. Piping should be carried out according to the characteristics of the construction site and the concrete pouring scheme. During piping design, it should be checked whether the horizontal conversion distance of the pipeline is compatible with the pumping distance of the concrete pump trailer. When piping, shorten the length of the pipeline as much as possible, and use less elbows and hoses. The laying of the conveying pipe should be convenient for pipeline cleaning, troubleshooting and disassembly and maintenance. When the new pipe and the old pipe are mixed, the new pipe should be arranged at the place where the pumping pressure is large. During the piping process, a simplified layout of the piping should be drawn, listing the specifications and quantities of various fittings, pipe clamps, elbows and hoses, and providing a list.

4. When the pipe needs to be vertically upward, as the height increases, the potential energy increases, the concrete has a tendency to return. Therefore, a horizontal pipe of a certain length should be laid between the mobile concrete mixer with pump and the vertical pipe to ensure that there is sufficient resistance to the resistance of the concrete backflow . When pumping concrete in high-rise buildings, pipes need to be vertically upward, and the length of the ground horizontal pipe should not be less than 1/4 of the length of the vertical pipe. If the water pipes of the above-mentioned required length cannot be placed due to site constraints, elbows or hoses can be used instead.

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