HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer Concrete Pump manufacturer provides low cost high quality HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump made in china for sale.

Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure): 60/90m3
Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure): 21/10.8Mpa
Hydraulic system pressure: 32Mpa
Rotation speed: 1480r/min

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HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump Features

Concrete pumps are divided into tow pumps, on-board pumps and pump trucks. Among them, the tow pumps are divided into large delivery pumps, large aggregate pumps, fine stone pumps and agitated tow pumps. HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump manufacturer introduces some technologies of concrete tow pumps. The characteristics are as follows:

1. The two pistons of the pumping mechanism can move in opposite directions simultaneously, and the distribution valve and the piston act in coordination.

2. The concrete pump with high and low pressure switching function, the pumping mechanism oil circuit can easily realize the high and low pressure pumping change.

3. The concrete cylinder piston can be easily and safely replaced.

4. The distribution valve can be reversed flexibly, quickly and accurately, and the working reversal time does not exceed 0.3s.

5. The commutation control device of the HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump made in China ensures flexible and accurate commutation.

6. The reversing mechanism of the distribution valve and the bearings of the stirring shaft are reliably sealed and lubricated.

7. When the mixing device is stuck, it can be easily removed. The ratio of the full speed to the no load speed of the stirring shaft is not less than 80%.

8. The high quality HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump needs a water-filled washing room to store enough water to ensure that the cylinder can be cleaned and cooled during each stroke. The bottom of the washing room is reliably sealed and equipped with a drainage device.

HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump manufacturer

9. The hopper discharge opening is sealed reliably, no slurry leaks during work, and the seal does not fall off during transportation and work.

10. High-efficiency hydraulic system adopts new high-speed commutation method, which improves the pump commutation efficiency by 12%.

11. Large displacement pumping system, the suction efficiency is increased by 6%, which meets the needs of various working conditions;

12. Full hydraulic reversing open system, high hydraulic oil cleanliness, low oil temperature, and small reversing impact;

13. The main oil cylinder of the low price HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump adopts the patented waterproof sealing technology, which effectively prevents water from entering the hydraulic system and prevents hydraulic oil from emulsifying;

14. Advanced S pipe valve system, good sealing performance, economical and durable wearing parts, easy to replace;

15. The main hydraulic and electrical components of concrete pumps are from internationally renowned brands and have high reliability.

Notes For Operating HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are mainly tow pumps, on-board pumps and concrete pump trucks, with a delivery volume ranging from 20 square meters per hour to 90 square meters per hour. Divided into different series according to the concrete particle size to meet different construction needs. High quality HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump made in China adopts a full hydraulic control hydraulic system, the whole machine is stable and reliable, the technology is mature, and the operation is simple and convenient. In order to further improve the concrete pumping efficiency and extend the service life of the equipment, the following matters need to be paid attention to during operation:

HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump made in China

A. When the equipment is pumping concrete downward, the air valve of the conveying pipe should be opened first, and the air valve can be closed only when the concrete in the lower part of the conveying pipe has a certain pressure.

B. When the concrete pumping is almost over, the amount of concrete that needs to be used should be correctly calculated and the concrete mixing place should be notified in time.

C. In the concrete pumping process, the excess concrete and some other waste concrete at the end of pumping should be properly treated in a timely manner according to a predetermined treatment method and place.

D. After the pumping is completed, the low price HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale and the conveying pipe should be cleaned in time.

E. When removing the blockage, when re-pumping or cleaning the concrete pump, the outlet of the distribution equipment should be in a safe direction to prevent the blockage or waste pulp from flying out and hurting people at high speed.

F. When multiple concrete pumps are pumped at the same time or combined with other conveying methods to convey concrete, their respective conveying capacity, pouring area and pouring sequence should be specified in advance. And the division of labor should be clear, coordinate with each other, and unified command. To improve work efficiency.

In the process of operating HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale, if you encounter some problems that you are not sure how to solve or cannot solve, you must contact the concrete pump factory in time and do not deal with it directly to avoid unnecessary trouble or loss.


Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure)



Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)



Hydraulic system pressure


Rotation speed


High / low pressure switch


Distribution valve


Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke


Main oil pump discharge


Diesel engine


Voltage/ Frequency



Hydraulic tank volume


Height of adding material



Hopper volume


Total mass


Concrete slump



Aclinic Delivery distance


Theory vertical pumping height


Dimension: L*W*H



Production Case


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