HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

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Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure): 60m3
Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure): 16/95Mpa
Hydraulic system pressure: 32Mpa
Rotation speed: 1480r/min

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Features Of HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

1. HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump made in China adopts advanced s-type pipe valve to meet the needs of fine stone concrete transportation.

2. The glass plate and cutting ring are made of high-hardness wear-resistant alloy material, which makes the machine life longer.

3. High discharge pressure. It can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.

4. Hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced forced air cooling system, no need to pinch water, easy to use.

5. The HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale has the function of a pump to reduce any clogging.

6. Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the service life of rotating parts.

7. The electrical part adopts PLC control and has the best operating characteristics.

8. The electrical box of the trailer concrete pump is equipped with a wired remote control handle for easy operation.

HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump Advantages

1. Haomei machinery equipment co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer with many years of rich experience

2. High quality HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump not only high quality, but also very competitive price.

3. Haomei after-sales service will make you satisfied, professional technical personnel and after-sales service personnel.

Application Scope of HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

1.low cost HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump can transport floor heating lightweight foam cement, mortar, and fine aggregate concrete.

2.Transport refractories and insulation materials.

3. Pressure grouting of foundation piles

4. In the ecological environment construction, the trailer concrete pump can transport green soil, and ordinary concrete and fiber concrete used in various engineering constructions.

HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale

Electrical Control System for HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

1. The electrical system of HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale adopts German Siemens programmable controller (PLC) to accurately control the machine and display the working status and faults of the machine.

2. The enclosed electrical control box of the trailer concrete pump ensures that the system can work in harsh environments such as dust and humidity;

3. Can connect with wired remote control device.

4. There are safe power sockets for night construction and maintenance.

5. Most parts of trailer concrete pump adopt world famous brand, with high reliability.

Prevent Hidden Danger of Trailer Concrete Pump In Time

In the construction process of concrete pumps, we must not blindly pursue construction efficiency, and ignore some safety hazards. The safety of engineering operations must be given priority. So in the process of actually using concrete pumps, what are the safety hazards that need to be early What about prevention?

A. When the low cost HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump is working, the pumping equipment and pipeline should be observed, and hidden dangers should be dealt with in time.

1. Pipes, clamps, seals, etc. that are worn more than specified should be replaced in a timely manner. Prevent piping from being blocked.

2. The pumped concrete should be evenly mixed to control the slump;

3. Do not stop the pump halfway during pumping. Various instruments and indicators of concrete pumps should be monitored at any time, and any abnormalities should be adjusted or dealt with in time.

4. When the pipeline is blocked, the reverse pump should be run to return the concrete to the hopper. When the reverse pump fails to eliminate the blockage several times, the pipe should be removed to remove the blockage when the pump is unloaded.

HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump made in China0-trailer-concrete-pump-made-in-china.jpg

B. After the construction of the high quality HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump is completed, all the concrete in the hopper and the pipeline should be output, and then the pump, the hopper, the pipeline and the like should be flushed.

1. When flushing the pipeline with compressed air, the intake valve should not be opened immediately. Only when the concrete is discharged smoothly can the intake valve be opened to the maximum.

2. It is strictly forbidden to stand within 10m in front of the outlet end of the pipe, and a metal net basket or the like shall be used to collect the washed cleaning balls and sand and gravel.

3. The solidified concrete in the HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump made in China should be removed with a scraper.

3. After operation, turn the pistons on both sides to the cleaning chamber position and apply lubricant.

4. The operation switches, adjustment handles, handwheels, control levers, cocks, etc. of all parts should be reset. The hydraulic system should be unloaded.

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Theory Concrete Output (Low / High Pressure)


Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)


Hydraulic system pressure



Rotation speed


High / low pressure switch



Distribution valve



Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke



Main oil pump discharge



Diesel engine



Voltage/ Frequency



Hydraulic tank volume


Height of adding material


Hopper volume


Total mass


Concrete slump


Aclinic Delivery distance


Theory vertical pumping height


Dimension: L*W*H



Production Case


Trailer Concrete Pumps In Zambia

Zambian customers have been using the old concrete equipment, low efficiency, please many people, often blocked pipe also had to stop work to repair, in addition to maintenance costs and workers' wages, also did not earn much money.

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