HBT60S1413-112R Trailer Concrete Pump

HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump manufacturer provides HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump made in China for sale with factory price.

Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure): 60m3
Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure): 13/7.4Mpa
Hydraulic system pressure: 32Mpa
Rotation speed: 1480r/min

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HBT60S1413-112R Trailer Concrete Pump Workflow

1. HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump made in China has double pump and double circuit hydraulic system, high reliability, convenient fault diagnosis and elimination.

2. Equipped with safety overflow and over-pressure shut-off devices, automatically cut off the main pump, and get multi-level protection.

3. The swing oil pump and accumulator keep the oil at a constant pressure, which greatly reduces the heating of the hydraulic system and has the characteristics of energy saving.

4. HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump for sale adopts suction return oil filtering technology to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit, further improving the reliability of hydraulic system and component life.

5. The pump oil uses high and low pressure valve switches, which is convenient, reliable and does not leak oil.

6. Forced air cooling of hydraulic oil to ensure that the hydraulic oil system of the trailer concrete pump can be controlled at about 60 degrees.

How to check concrete pumps comprehensively

The service life of HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump made in China has always been a concern of the majority of construction parties. To extend the service life of concrete pumps, we must pay attention to the maintenance of concrete pumps. Many customers only know to pay attention to daily maintenance, but how to maintain and check specifically?

The inspection of concrete pumps is usually based on different parts and inspection cycles. In general, like some vulnerable parts, the inspection cycle will be shorter. For some fixed parts, the inspection cycle is longer. Specifically, the inspection cycle of the main parts of the HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump for manufacturer is as follows:

1. Daily inspection

Daily inspections include external damage and deformation, loose parts exposed, changes in operation and performance, oil leakage, hose damage, lack of lubricating grease at lubrication points, and unsafe driving factors.

HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump price

2.Monthly inspection

When the concrete from HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump factory is pumped with 2,000 cubic meters or every month, the following inspections can be done, such as damage to the slide valve, wear of the pipe, reduction of hydraulic oil, forced lubrication of lubrication points, routine maintenance of automobile parts, etc.

3. Semi-annual inspection

If HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump for factory by concrete is 12,000 cubic meters or half a year, the following inspections can be done, such as damage to the lower valve casing, delivery cylinder, deterioration of electrical components, hydraulic oil, damage to the boom, and routine maintenance of automobile parts.

4. Check every year

If the concrete pumped by the concrete reaches 24,000 cubic meters or one year, the following inspections can be done, such as the mixing device, the mixing oil motor, the rotary oil motor, the water pump, the oil pumps, and the replacement of hydraulic oil.

How to clean up after concrete pump operation

As a commonly used mechanical equipment, the cleaning of concrete pumps is also very important. If the residual dirt of the concrete pump is not treated in time, it may be very easy to leave a layer of sludge that is difficult to clean up. These will easily lead to the aging of equipment oil pipes and hydraulic infiltration. When the concrete pump is working, it will be bound A large amount of dirt, if not cleaned up, will affect the service life of the equipment. So HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump manufacturer tells you how do we clean up the concrete pump?

HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump manufactuter

1. Check the wear between the cutting ring and the spectacle plate. This is the key to determining the success of direct water washing. If the cutting ring and eye plate are not worn seriously, the distance between the cutting ring and the eye plate is less than 0.1mm, and there is no gap between them. For grooves exceeding 1mm, you can use direct water method.

2. After the HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump for sale is pumped, pump 0.15 ~ 0.25m \ +3 mortar with water-cement ratio of 1: 1.5 or 1: 2, then fill the distribution valve with water, start pumping, and pump Pump to the pouring site until fresh water flows out of the delivery pipe. If the pipe is short and the cleaning effect is good, the cleaning process ends here.

3. When the pipeline of HBT60S1413-112R trailer concrete pump with factory price is long or the cleaning effect is not good, open the hopper discharge door, open the reverse pump, and flush the hopper and the distribution valve. If pumping upwards and height> 20m, you can use a wooden hammer to hit the curved pipe at the bottom of the vertical part. If the sound of the tap is low, you need to disassemble the pipe and pour out the large aggregate that may be accumulated.


Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure)



Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)



Hydraulic system pressure


Rotation speed


High / low pressure switch


Distribution valve


Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke


Main oil pump discharge


Diesel engine


Voltage/ Frequency



Hydraulic tank volume


Height of adding material


Hopper volume


Total mass


Concrete slump



Aclinic Delivery distance


Theory vertical pumping height


Dimension: L*W*H



Production Case


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