HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

HAOMEI provides low cost high quality HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump made in china for sale, welcome to get price.

Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure): 85/42m3
Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure): 12.5/5.28Mpa
Hydraulic system pressure: 32Mpa
Rotation speed: 1480r/min

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Features of HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

1. Electronic control system

The electric control box of HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump in China adopts a soft-start device and has excellent starting performance.

Programmable controller electronic control system with simple circuit and complete functions.

Safety lights are very convenient to work and repair at night.

Wired remote control for superior operation.

2. Trailer concrete pump hydraulic system

Unique open hydraulic system and hydraulic buffer technology make communication smaller.

Less impact, less system heat.

3. Cooling system

The forced air-cooled heat exchanger keeps the temperature of the hydraulic oil below 60 degrees, which ensures that the entire hydraulic system works normally.

With good maintainability, it is very convenient to dismantle and wear parts.

Construction Caracteristics of HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

Haomei specializes in the production of various concrete pumps, trailer pumps, on-vehicle pumps and pump trucks. The development of high quality HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump has made construction more and more convenient, effectively improved construction efficiency, and created very good economic benefits for the majority of construction units. What are the construction characteristics of these concrete pumps? Here, the concrete pump manufacturer introduces you as follows:

A. The low price HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump has a high degree of mechanization, requires less labor, and has simple construction organization.

B. The concrete conveying and pouring operations are continuous, the construction efficiency is high, and the project progress is fast.

HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump price

C. The pumping process has strict requirements on concrete quality. It can also be said that HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump with factory price is an inspection of concrete quality. Because the pumping is performed continuously, the concrete is not easy to segregate during the pumping, and the slump loss of the concrete is not large, so it is easy to ensure the quality of the project.

D. Concrete pump construction safety.

E. It has strong adaptability to the construction work surface and a wide operating range. The concrete conveying pipeline can be laid to other hard-to-reach places, and the concrete can be filled and poured in place under a certain pressure. The HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale can also be used in series to increase the conveying distance and Height to meet the requirements of various constructions.

F. The mutual interference between the concrete pump and other construction machinery is small. While pumping, other construction operations can be carried out near the delivery pipe.

G. Under normal pumping conditions, the transportation of concrete in pipelines will not pollute the environment and can achieve civilized construction.

H. With proper construction arrangements, concrete pumps can reduce construction costs.

How Does A HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

With the increasing application of low price HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump in building construction, many projects are rising very quickly, so everyone enjoys the high-efficiency construction brought by concrete pumps, and you know how these devices work ? Today, the concrete pump supplier has organized the working principle of the concrete pump for you, as follows:

1.The power system of the concrete pump of the gate valve series is driven by electric motor or diesel engine, the hydraulic system is an open oil circuit, the main oil pump is constant power control, and the manual variable mechanism or the variable variable regulating valve can be operated to control the main oil pump The output flow rate changes the concrete conveying capacity of the concrete conveying pump.

2. The pumping system of the concrete pump is mainly composed of a hopper, a gate valve, a conveying cylinder, a washing chamber and a main oil cylinder.

HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale

3. The working principle of high quality HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump. When the pressure oil of the main oil pump enters the non-stem cavity of the main oil cylinder on one side, it advances, and the piston of the main oil cylinder on the other side retracts the main oil cylinder due to the hydraulic oil in the sealing oil path, and the concrete connected to the main oil cylinder piston rod is conveyed. The concrete conveying piston connected to the piston rod retracts at the same time and generates negative pressure. With the help of the hopper blade, the concrete of the hopper is sucked into the conveying cylinder through the sliding valve suction port until the main cylinder piston stroke reaches the end.

At the same time, the main oil cylinder piston rod under the action of the main hydraulic pressure, at the same time pushing the concrete piston, the concrete in the delivery cylinder enters the concrete delivery pipe through the "Y" pipe of the sliding valve delivery port. After the action is completed, the main four-way valve is in The PLC controller and the control oil automatically change direction, the pressure oil enters another main oil cylinder, and completes another different oil cylinder, the suction of the conveying cylinder, and the sending stroke. In this way, the concrete in the hopper is continuously sent. Y "tube, and reach the operating point through the pipeline to complete the pumping operation.

Technical Characteristics of HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump in China adopts a dual-pump and dual-circuit hydraulic system, with low impact and high reliability. It has a reverse pump function, which helps to eliminate pipe blocking failures in a timely manner, and can be shut down for short periods of time. The advanced S pipe distribution valve can automatically Compensate for wear clearance, good sealing performance, wear-resistant gold glasses plate and cutting ring, long service life, long stroke cylinder, extend the service life of the cylinder and piston, optimized design of the hopper, better suction performance, working efficiency Higher, automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure effective lubrication during machine operation. The humanized design of the product makes operation more convenient and maintenance easier.


Theory Concrete Output (Low / High Pressure)


Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)


Hydraulic system pressure



Rotation speed


High / low pressure switch



Distribution valve



Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke



Main oil pump discharge



Diesel engine



Voltage/ Frequency



Hydraulic tank volume


Height of adding material


Hopper volume


Total mass


Concrete slump


Aclinic Delivery distance


Theory vertical pumping height


Dimension: L*W*H



Production Case


Trailer Concrete Pumps In Zambia

Zambian customers have been using the old concrete equipment, low efficiency, please many people, often blocked pipe also had to stop work to repair, in addition to maintenance costs and workers' wages, also did not earn much money.

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