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Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant Preparation

Stationary concrete mixing plant factory said that the following inspections should be done before starting to prepare for the start.

1. Check whether the bolts of the concrete mixing station are tight, especially the mixing blades in the mixer and the vibrator blades of each silo.

2. Check whether the belt roller is missing, and whether the rotation position is sufficiently lubricated. The bearings of the mixer of the concrete mixing plant are buttered once every four hours of work, and the other places work for three days to once a week.

stationary concrete mixing plant factory

3. Whether there is any leakage or damage to the cables and wires, the machine should be shut down every week to check whether the screws of the electrical components are fastened and the cables are damaged. All electrical and control cabinets must be firmly grounded. Stationary concrete batching plant suppliers said that the general ground line is generally at least 1.5 meters to 2 meters deep. The inverter is recommended to be grounded separately. When grounding, salt water can be poured on the ground wire to enhance the grounding effect.

4. Check whether each feeding belt is off-track. Whether the material door of the feed silo is stuck, whether the cement tank valve is open, if it is closed, open it before starting. Generally, one side of the cement silo material door is at least 20 cm (20 cm) open, that is, the cement material door is 40 cm wide.

5. Check whether the material of stationary concrete batching plant is sufficient and the water is unblocked. If there is a gas path, check whether the air compressor is working normally and whether the discharge door opens and closes smoothly.

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