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Quality Identification of Concrete Batch Plant

1. The operation of the transmission system of concrete batch plants must be flexible and there is no abnormal noise;

2. If the mixer is a self-falling mixing drum, the radial runout of its discharge buckle does not exceed 1% of the diameter of the feed port, and also check the quality of the steel bar of the vibrating screen on the mixer and the screen and mesh holes. Reasonable size and check the installation accuracy of the screen;

3. The transmission of belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever shovel should be stable, the operation should be flexible, the braking can be high, there is no abnormal noise, and there is no chain;

concrete batch plants

4. The inspection of the measurement system is also very important, it is necessary to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the measurement system;

5. Attention should also be paid to reducing the elevated temperature of concrete batch plants, to reach the temperature on the qualified book;

6. The feeding and discharging of the weighing hopper should be smooth, and there will be no accumulation of materials and overflowing;

7. The safety valve must not leak.

8. The quality of the cement tank must be qualified;

9. The line installation and equipment installation of the concrete batch plant must be reasonable

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