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Is It Necessary To Paint A Concrete Mixer

Everyone has seen that the surface of JS1000 concrete mixer made in China should be sprayed with a layer of paint, many users are not quite clear why this is done, just for the sake of looking good?

The first is aesthetics. Although the customer values the quality of concrete mixer equipment, the user is more willing to buy the equipment with good quality appearance and repair. Sometimes good appearance comes from good quality, because the equipment with high quality material will have better texture and better appearance.

JS1000 concrete mixer made in China

Secondly, it is environmentally friendly. After the concrete mixer is painted, the wastage of the concrete mixer is greatly reduced, so as to last longer. At the same time, the acrid smell of steel is eliminated, and the waste of steel material is reduced.

The most important thing is to reach the role of the anticorrosion, JS2000 concrete mixer in stock are made of steel, steel users know long-term exposure to air is easy to rust, it is easy to corrode, corrode or rust if timely treatment also has certain influence to the concrete mixer, and deal with these also is very troublesome. The problem is solved by spraying the concrete mixer with a coat of paint, which keeps the steel out of the air and provides a good layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

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