Sicoma Concrete Mixer

China sicoma concrete mixer manufacturer provides sicoma concrete mixer in stock factory price.

Mixer Capacity: 2.0m3, 3.0m3, 4.0m3
Aggregate Size: 60/80
Aggregate Category: 4
Lubrication System: Choose

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Description Of SICOMA Concrete Mixer

1. Strong forced helical mixing action causes the particles to converge from both sides of the mixer toward the center, where they converge;

2. The water is pushed into the mixture by a strong jet and then fully absorbed, so that the cement slurry evenly covers all aggregate particles to form the strongest concrete.

3. Air purge multiple seals to extend bearing life and effectively avoid mud leakage.

4. Unique monitoring system can monitor the operation of the gearbox.

5. Automatic multi-pump unit for shaft lubrication, special pump pin unit design.

Precautions When Buying a SICOMA Concrete Mixer

There are many types of China sicoma concrete mixers on the market today, and the functions of each type of mixer are different, so that some customers do not know which type of mixer to choose, and it is not easy to figure out which type of mixer is more suitable for their use. Introduce you as an experienced manufacturer.

sicoma concrete mixer factory price

1. According to your requirements for concrete, if you need high-quality and high-output equipment, you must choose a high-quality mixing equipment, and then choose from this model the equipment that is suitable for your production volume.

2. Determine the sicoma concrete mixer for manufacturer according to the site size, production scale and annual output.

3. It can be determined from several factors such as the advanced nature, stability, and generality of the equipment.

4. You can choose a forced sicoma concrete mixer with factory price. This equipment has good mixing quality, strong capacity, no residue, high production efficiency, and can adapt to a variety of concrete mixing. At present, most construction sites use this equipment.

5, under the premise of the same price, look at the quality, the same quality, look at the price.

6. Don't blindly pursue the advanced technology of the mixer. This will increase the equipment investment. Choose a device that is suitable for yourself and practical, and choose a reasonable mixer.

The choice of concrete mixer type has a great impact on the later production efficiency. The type of sicoma concrete mixer in stock that can meet the production needs is what we really need. Choosing the right mixer model can do more with less and improve efficiency.

Precautions For SICOMA Concrete Mixer

1. China sicoma concrete mixer should be set in a flat position, and the front and rear wheel axles should be cushioned with square wood to keep the tires overhead, so as not to move when starting.

low cost sicoma concrete mixer

2. The low cost sicoma concrete mixer should be implemented with secondary leakage protection. After the power is turned on before work, it must be carefully checked, and it can be used after being tested by an empty car. During the test run, it should be checked whether the speed of the mixing drum is appropriate. Generally, the empty speed is slightly faster than the heavy truck (after loading) by 2 to 3 revolutions. If there is a large difference, the ratio of the moving wheel to the driving wheel should be adjusted.

3. The rotation direction of the sicoma concrete mixer for manufacturer should conform to the direction indicated by the arrow. If it is not true, the motor wiring should be corrected.

4. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is damaged, whether the track pulley is good, whether there are obstacles around it, and the lubrication of various parts.

5. After starting up, pay attention to the normal operation of each part of the concrete mixer. When stopping, often check whether the blades of the low cost sicoma concrete mixer are bent, and whether the screws have fallen or loosened.

6. When the concrete is stirred or is expected to stop for more than 1 hour, in addition to removing the remaining material, pour stones and water into the shaker, turn it on, and wash out the mortar adhered to the bucket. There must be no stagnant water in the barrel to prevent the barrel and blade from rusting. At the same time, the ash accumulated on the outside of the mixer should be cleaned to keep the machine clean and intact.

7. After work and when the machine is not in use, the gate should be turned off and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.


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Production Case


Sri Lanka Concrete Production Line

Sri Lanka Concrete Production LineOn February 6, 2018, the HZS60 concrete mixing plant produced by HAOMEI was delivered to the installation site in Sri Lanka and assembly has begun.

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