JS1500 Concrete Mixer

JS1500 concrete mixer suppliers produce customized Chinese JS1500 concrete mixer with factory price.

Mixer Capacity: 1.5m3
Discharging Volume: 1500L
Charging Volume: 2400L
Mixer Motor Power: 45kw

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Description of JS1500 Concrete Mixer

1. Chinese JS1500 concrete mixer has a highly efficient control panel for forced mixing. As usual, HZS75, HZS90 hybrid station or host station.

2. The aircraft has a separate independent operation and dual advantages. PLD concrete batching machine is composed of commercial concrete batching plant, widely used in large and medium-sized prefabricated plant, road, bridge, water conservancy, wharf and other industrial and civil engineering.

Mixer secondary feeding stuffing machine trip

Failure phenomenon:

When the mixer is mixing and producing, the material in the hopper is not put into the mixer belt and then transported to the tray, so that the material in the hopper is full and the waste is discharged.

Cause Analysis:

Aggregate unloading requires a program to detect that the material in the hopper has been placed in the mixer, but the program detects the amount related to the hopper door in-position switch. If this section starts to malfunction, it may cause secondary feeding.


Strengthen the reliability of the signal of the hopper door in place, and install two to three magnetic detection openings at the door opening and closing positions. Generally, this type of failure can be eliminated; if the mixer suddenly fails during production, first check whether the beginning of the position is displaced Or damage and failure, special attention needs to be paid attention to, the temperature of the mixer is too high can cause the magnetic opening failure.

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How to Accept the Concrete Mixer after Installation

1. The solid mixer should be installed on a sturdy stand. If it is used permanently, an anchor bolt should be buried. If it is used for a short time, a wooden pillow should be laid under the machine and leveled. Carry outJS1500 concrete mixer with factory price installation inspection work

2. The transmission mechanism, operation equipment, clutch and brake should be fastened, sensitive and reliable, and the protective cover should be complete.

3. The steel wire rope of the customized JS1500 concrete mixer shall not be scrapped, rusted, broken, or crushed.

4. The hook on the body should be secure. The neck ears of the hopper should be intact. When the hopper is raised, the secure hook should be hung.

5. Movable mixer should be installed on a flat and solid floor. It should be secured with wooden blocks or support frames. Persistence must not be replaced by tires. Long-term use (usually over 3 months) should be used. Remove the tires and keep them properly. The ends of the axles should be cleaned and rust-proofed.

6. For Chinese JS1500 concrete mixers that need to be excavated into the hopper pit, the pit openings should be tamped around the bottom. The bottom end of the loading track rack should also be tamped or the back of the brick rack should be supported by wood to prevent long operation time Deformation.

7. The concrete mixer should be set to "one machine, one gate, one leak, one box". The leakage maintenance parameters are 30M Ax0.1S, and the insulation resistance value of the motor should be greater than 0.5MQ. There should be no less than two maintenance zero lines. Accurate and reliable.

8. The JS1500 concrete mixer for suppliers should be provided with a rainproof shed.

JS1500 concrete mixer price

Principle and application of concrete mixer equipment

Customized JS1500 concrete mixer is a relatively common equipment in various projects, but there are many types of concrete mixer equipment. For the principle and purpose of these equipment, we must distinguish clearly.

Mandatory concrete mixer equipment can be divided into single-shaft and double-shaft according to the number of placed mixing shafts. The models are JS and JDC mixers, which are currently concrete mixing equipment with good mixing efficiency and high mixing quality.

Working principle: Whether it is a single-shaft or double-shaft mixer, the stirring shaft is equipped with stirring blades. The stirring blades rotate at high speed in the mixing drum to quickly mix various materials. This method is called compulsory. Stirring is the origin of this type of mixer.

Application of mixer: JS series mixer can be used as the mixing host of various types of concrete mixing stations, which can be used for engineering and commercial purposes. JDC series mixer can be used in some field engineering, concrete laboratory, and precast concrete component manufacturers.

The JS1500 concrete mixer for suppliers is a concrete mixer equipment with a long history because it has a roller, also called a roller mixer. It is small in scale and very convenient to move.

Working principle: The self-falling concrete mixer equipment lifts each part of the material to make it automatically mix under the action of gravity, so this method is called the self-falling type, which is also the name of the model mixer.

Uses: JS1500 concrete mixer with factory price is relatively cheap, but the output is small, not suitable for large-scale projects, can be used for self-built houses, small batches of concrete production use, for projects not requiring high concrete strength can be used, compared economic.

Discharging VolumeL1500
Charging VolumeL2400

Mixing Capacity


Aggregate Size


Working Circle


Mixer Motor Power


Lifting Motor Power

Pump Moter Powerkw3kw






Production Case


Sri Lanka Concrete Production Line

Sri Lanka Concrete Production LineOn February 6, 2018, the HZS60 concrete mixing plant produced by HAOMEI was delivered to the installation site in Sri Lanka and assembly has begun.

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