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Differences Between Ordinary Concrete Mixer And Forced Mixer

Recently, many people have inquired about the difference between our ordinary concrete mixer and twin shaft forced concrete mixer. Today we will summarize with you three of their three differences.

js500 concrete mixer

1. The mixing drum of the forced mixer is fixed, but the material is stirred by the rotation of the blades on the shaft in the drum (there are also the mixing drum and the blades for forced mixing), and the stirring effect is strong. The mixing effect is very good and the efficiency is high.

2. The compulsory concrete mixer is mainly used for mixing dry hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, and the requirements for materials are particularly strict.

yhzs concrete batching plant

3. Most of the construction sites are engineering projects such as concrete mixing plants and mixing buildings. General mixers need to be shut down during work, while compulsory mixers do not need to be shut down, which improves production efficiency and reduces manpower. Therefore, in large-scale projects, compulsory concrete mixers will be the most widely used model.

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