JS750 Concrete Mixer

JS750 concrete mixer manufacturers provide discount hot sale JS750 concrete mixer with factory price.

Mixer Capacity: 0.75m3
Discharging Volume: 750L
Charging Volume: 1000L
Mixer Motor Power: 30kw

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Description of JS750 Concrete Mixer

1.Hot sale JS750 concrete mixer has the advantages of large mixing force, small energy consumption, large power, to prevent the unified junction of materials, etc. Due to the built-in scroll mixer, the theoretical productivity of JS750 concrete mixer is 35m3 / h and duty cycle time is 60s.

2. The concrete mixer is an efficient model for mixing dry concrete, liquid concrete and mortar varieties. So it is often used in various types of prefabricated plants as well as in roads, water conservancy, Bridges, ports and other industrial and civil engineering.

3. JS750 concrete mixer is a kind of mandatory engineering mixer. Because the concrete mixer discharging 0.75 per square, it is often used as the main engine of wet mixing concrete batching plant.

Advantage of JS750 Concrete Mixer

The JS750 concrete mixer for factory has two advantages. First, it can be operated by a single machine; second, it can be made into a simple concrete mixer together with the batching machine, and can provide a matching mixing plant.

The discount JS750 concrete mixer was developed by haomei and is widely used by our customers worldwide. It can be used as a separate mixer, can also be used as a support machine for concrete mixing plant characteristics. Our customers are interested in talking about.

hot sale JS750 concrete mixer

Voltage Requirements of JS750 Concrete Mixer

1. The temperature rise of the hot sale JS750 concrete mixer motor during normal operation does not exceed the allowable limit.

2. Monitor the load current of the commercial concrete mixer motor. When the motor is out of order, the stator current will increase sharply, and the motor will overheat. Larger power forced mixers should be equipped with a motor to monitor the load current of the motor. The load current of the motor should not exceed the rated current value of the nameplate rules.

3. Monitor the power supply voltage. Frequency changes and voltage imbalances, too high or low power supply voltages and frequencies, and current imbalances caused by three-phase voltage imbalances may cause overheating or other abnormal appearances of the motor.

4. Pay attention to the breath, vibration and noise of the motor. If you smell scorch during operation or find abnormal vibration or rubbing sound, extraordinarily loud hum or other noise, you should immediately check the power supply.

5. Often check the lubrication of the bearings of the forced mixer, and regularly exchange lubricants. When exchanging lubricating oil, the bearing and bearing cover should be cleaned with kerosene: and then cleaned with gasoline. The rolling bearing grease should not exceed 70% of the bearing chamber volume.

6. Rotor motor for discount JS750 concrete mixer. The contact between the night brush and the slip ring, and the damage to the brush room should be checked for anti-spark conditions. If the spark is severe, it is necessary to timely arrange the surface of the slip ring and correct the brush spring pressure.

JS750 concrete mixer price

7. Pay attention to the cleaning of the interior of the electric motor. Water, oil, and debris should not be allowed to fall inside the electric motor of the commercial concrete mixer. It is necessary to insist on dredging of the air inlet and air outlet of the motor of the commercial JS750 concrete mixer factory.

JS750 Concrete Mixer Price

I believe that buyers who have consulted the JS750 concrete mixer price online will find that the quotes from different manufacturers are still very different. This is mainly due to the different production processes of different JS750 concrete mixer manufacturers, the raw materials and spare parts for casting small concrete mixers are different. Mature, well-equipped equipment, the price of small concrete mixers produced will naturally be higher, which is easy to understand.

JS750 concrete mixer manufacturers need to remind everyone that the JS750 concrete mixer price is certainly one of the factors to consider whether to buy, but don't take it as the only criterion. You must know that the price is one point at a time. Where to go. So what are the advantages of a high-quality small concrete mixer?

The high-quality small concrete mixer has a very compact structure. The core spare parts and equipment are selected from imported high-quality components, which has a longer service life, less maintenance and more cost-effective.

If you want to buy a high-quality small concrete mixer, you can come to our factory to visit and inspect directly. HEOMEI is an enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of construction engineering machinery. The main products are HZS mixing station series, YHZS series, JS series and other various small construction machinery products.

Discharging VolumeL750
Charging VolumeL1200

Mixing Capacity


Aggregate Size


Working Circle


Mixer Motor Power







Production Case


Sri Lanka Concrete Production Line

Sri Lanka Concrete Production LineOn February 6, 2018, the HZS60 concrete mixing plant produced by HAOMEI was delivered to the installation site in Sri Lanka and assembly has begun.

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