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Method Of Cleaning Concrete Mixer

Hydraulic JS1000 concrete mixer made in China is easy to use, this is known, but after using for a period of time, there is concrete inside the warehouse scaling, how to clean? The following method will make your concrete mixer spotless.

js1000 concrete mixer

Distinguish the difference between hydraulic concrete mixer and mortar mixer: mortar mixer is a little faster, a little smaller volume, hydraulic concrete mixer volume is too large, too heavy, the structure is a little more complicated, in cleaning a little more trouble.

A good way to clean up the residue of the hydraulic concrete mixer: the concrete residue in JS1000 concrete mixer can be ground with a stone first. Measure a certain number of stones according to the capacity of the concrete mixer (for example, 2 tons of stones for several groups of 2m), turn for a while, so that some concrete with lower strength can be ground down quickly. Then into the iron drill, steel hammer to clean. Pay attention to the time of cleaning, usually once a day or once a shift. It takes a long time and a lot of effort. In the end, the hydraulic JS1000 concrete mixer made in China is left with only a hammer, drill or spatula. Cleaning concrete mixers is a delicate job, so do it as soon as you find it.

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