JS4000 Concrete Mixer

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Mixer Capacity: 4.0m3
Discharging Volume: 4000L
Charging Volume: 6000L
Aggregate size: 80/150mm

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What is JS4000 Concrete Mixer

The customized JS4000 concrete mixer includes a mixing cylinder, which is equipped with a mixing shaft. Each of the mixing shafts at the two walls of the mixing cylinder is provided with a side arm for cleaning the end wall surface. A set of spirally arranged stirring arms are installed on both sides. The two sets of stirring arms are arranged from the end arm to the middle arm in the axial arrangement, and the arrangements in the rotation direction are from the end arm to the middle arm. Stirring blades are fixed on the top ends, and the arms on both sides lag behind the end arms of the stirring arms on the same side in the arrangement of the rotation arms.

For a JS4000 concrete mixer for sale, the utility model retracts the position of the side arm in the rotation direction of the overall mixing arm layout, so that it lags behind the end arm of the mixing arm group on the same side, so that in actual work, the working resistance of the side arm is small. There is no cutting and grinding with the mixing drum, which improves the durability of the side arm, and the driving force required for the stirring shaft is also reduced. Therefore, a low-power motor can be equipped to reduce the manufacturing cost and the energy consumption accordingly.

customized JS4000 concrete mixer

Advantages of JS4000 Concrete Mixer

The customized JS4000 concrete mixer has a reasonable structure design, has a series of advantages such as good quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, durable and practical, and the JS4000 concrete mixer pricelist is preferential, which is a cost-effective choice for the machine.

The concrete mixer consists of five parts, namely mixing, loading, water supply, discharge and electrical. Each system configuration element uses high-quality components. The overall equipment has superior performance, reliability and durability, and also has anti-cushion function. There are three types of discharge height of low price JS4000 concrete mixers: 1.6m, 2.7m, and 3.8m, which can meet the requirements of different users. In addition, the purchaser can also use a dump truck or a concrete mixing conveyor to support the use. Matching concrete pump.

Advantages of concrete mixer in technology, configuration and quality:

1. Hydraulic open door discharge is adopted to avoid the disadvantages of rotating the tank-type discharge to keep the raw materials;

2. Welding robots imported from Europe to ensure the stability of welding quality;

3. Advanced integrated shaft mixer technology, which simplifies equipment structure and reduces failure rate;

4. High abrasion-resistant alloy stirring arm, strong impact resistance, to prevent fracture;

5. Sand blasting process and spraying imported ship paint, durable effect and anti-corrosion.

6. Six procedures are strictly inspected to ensure the quality of each cheap JS4000 concrete mixer.

JS4000 concrete mixer for sale

What parts of the concrete mixer need maintenance

For a high-quality JS4000 concrete mixer for sale, it is composed of a number of primary components, including a mixing host, sand and gravel batching equipment, a cement rack, a hoist, and a screw conveyor, etc. These devices can help the mixing chamber to carry out In the storage of stone, each part reflects its own characteristics. In order to ensure the smooth production, which parts need daily maintenance?

1. The airway is sealed and drained. Check whether the activity sensor of the low price JS4000 concrete mixer is normal.

2. When using the belt machine head, adjust the scraper, and adjust the cleaner inside the belt;

3. For aggregate conveying equipment, the condition of the belt work and the interface should be checked, and the actions of the respective discharge port cylinders and the switches should be checked to ensure the smooth production;

4. Check the working condition of the belt idler of the cheap JS4000 concrete mixer, check the work of the motor, and ensure that the temperature is normal;

5. Check the oil level of the driving rollers on schedule. You must know that the oil level is a guarantee that the production can be performed normally;

6, the question of the discharge of the water pipe valve, this is the basis of the work of the hydraulic concrete mixer, to check the liquid level of the pump oil chamber, if it is said to be inappropriate, it must be added in time.

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Discharging VolumeL4000
Charging VolumeL6000

Mixing Capacity


Aggregate Size


Working Circle


Mixer Motor Power







Production Case


Sri Lanka Concrete Production Line

Sri Lanka Concrete Production LineOn February 6, 2018, the HZS60 concrete mixing plant produced by HAOMEI was delivered to the installation site in Sri Lanka and assembly has begun.

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