JS3000 Concrete Mixer

JS series of concrete mixers can work independently and can be used with PLD series batching machine.If you want to buy China high quality JS3000 concrete mixer with factory price, welcome to inquiry.

Mixer Capacity: 3.0m3
Discharging Volume: 3000L
Charging Volume: 4500L
Mixer Motor Power: 2x55kw

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Dual Advantages of JS3000 Concrete Mixer

China JS3000 concrete mixer design is easy to operate and low noise, also has excellent mixing performance, multiple protection Settings

1. To provide support for the mixing station master.

2. To be applicable to all types of large, medium and small precast plant and highways, bridges, water conservancy, port and other large industrial and civil engineering.

3. To be used with different types of cement silo.

4.With PLD series concrete batching machine to form a simple mixing station and double concrete mixing station.

Analysis of ways to reduce wear of concrete mixers

Because the wear of high quality JS3000 concrete mixer brings a lot of troubles to customers, different degrees of wear and tear will almost affect the normal work of concrete mixer. Wear is unavoidable, but it can reduce the degree of wear. How to reduce it? In order to reduce the abrasion of the concrete mixer, it is hoped that the buyer of the concrete mixer can carefully read the following introduction.

The first is the lubrication of China JS3000 concrete mixer. There are many places that need to be lubricated. The methods and amounts of adding lubricants are different. Sometimes it is necessary to replace new lubricants, and it is also necessary to periodically quantify fake lubricants. Users must understand these lubrications Technology to ensure the lubrication of concrete mixers.

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Vibrating screens, mixing blades, surfaces, and mixing drums are more likely to wear on high quality JS3000 concrete mixers. How to reduce the wear in these places?

1. The key to vibration screen wear is vibration bearings. Users must choose high-quality bearings, the lubrication device must be reasonable, and users must always lubricate the bearings.

2. Because the mixing blades need to stir the concrete, they are generally subject to severe wear. This requires users to pay attention to avoiding large hard objects or steel wires and other objects in the mixing barrel when adding materials, and often to perform maintenance on the mixing blades.

3. The possible reasons for the surface of the concrete mixer to be worn are micro-shock, sliding, impact, abrasion, rust, etc. This requires users to pay attention during use, avoid collisions, and keep the surface clean, and timely deal with when rust is found.

4. The mixing drum is also often worn, which requires the user to clean the mixing drum immediately after the work is finished to prevent the concrete from solidifying in the mixing drum.

How to perform maintenance on forced concrete mixer

As an excellent manufacturer of concrete mixers, the company mainly produces mixing equipment, and provides customers with answers to various incurable diseases. Today, I will share with customers how to do maintenance of mixing equipment:

1. Check whether the shaft head of the low cost JS3000 concrete mixer is leaking. If necessary, change the shaft head seal in time.

2, often mix the mixing materials attached to the machine, if there is local wear, please repair in time.

3. Check if the motor shaft of buying JS3000 concrete mixer is about to refuel.

low cost JS3000 concrete mixer

4. Check whether the wiring terminal of the power distribution cabinet is loose. If so, please tighten it, and keep the power distribution cabinet clean.

5. When the mixing materials are not aspirational, check whether the mixing leaves and liners are probably replaced.

6. When mixing, there is noise in the machine operation. Check the bearings, the mixing shaft is not damaged, or there is a jam in the support tank.

Cleaning Measures of JS3000 Concrete Mixer

Pay attention to the following when cleaning JS3000 concrete mixer you bought:

First, regularly perform the maintenance and maintenance operations of the items specified in the maintenance regulations, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc.

Second, before the low cost JS3000 concrete mixer is started, check whether the controllers are good. After the shutdown, pour water and stones into the mixer for 10-15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones. When the operator must enter the mixing drum for cleaning, in addition to cutting off the power and removing the fuse, the switch box must be locked.

Third, it is forbidden to use a sledge hammer to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel, and it can only be removed with a chisel.

Fourth, in the severe cold season, after the work is completed, the mixer drum should be washed with water and the water in the pumps, water tanks, and water pipes should be drained to prevent the water pumps, water tanks, and water pipes from freezing.

Discharging VolumeL3000
Charging VolumeL4500

Mixing Capacity


Aggregate Size


Working Circle


Mixer Motor Power







Production Case


Sri Lanka Concrete Production Line

Sri Lanka Concrete Production LineOn February 6, 2018, the HZS60 concrete mixing plant produced by HAOMEI was delivered to the installation site in Sri Lanka and assembly has begun.

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