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How Do We Maintain A Concrete Mixing Plant

Inspection before use of concrete batching plant

1. Check whether the main engine fuselage of hzs25 stationary concrete batching plant is stable, whether the connecting bolts on the supporting arm of the liner and the mixing blade are firm, whether the connecting bolts on the feeding frame are tight, whether the water pump is sufficient and whether the pipelines are unobstructed.

2. Clean the inside and outside of the mixing cylinder, discharge the door and dust on the hopper, and rinse it with water. The hopper shall be parked in the transportation position.

3. Check the abrasion of the steel wire rope and apply a little lubricating oil on its surface. After the abrasion of the steel wire rope reaches a certain degree, it shall be replaced. The water supply device should be kept clean to avoid clogging. Check the water suction valve for cleaning once and check whether the travel switch is loose.

4. Check the winch motor and make appropriate adjustments. Check the water pump and throttle valve to see if there is water leakage. Check the wear of blade and liner and replace in time.

The above points are the daily inspection before the use of concrete batching plant, to achieve the above points, the maintenance of equipment to get twice the result with half the effort, and can extend the service life of equipment.


Concrete Mixing Machinery FAQ

Q: how many batching plants are needed to produce about 150 cubic meters of concrete every day? Isn't a set not working?

A: the required amount of concrete, one HZS180 concrete batching plant, can fully meet the production requirements. Or choose to build two HZS120 model batching plants.

Q: what is JS1000 concrete agitator wearing part to have?

Answer: JS1000 concrete mixer whole belongs to a wear and tear article, among them main wear and other force double horizontal shaft mixer wear and tear part is roughly the same, include: lining board, agitator arm, climbing wheel, wire rope, low voltage electric appliance, limit gauge.

Q: how much is the mixer for hzs35 concrete plants?

Answer: HZS35 type concrete batching plant USES main engine, the cost is in commonly 60,000 yuan or so, of course different brand, the price still has certain difference.

Q: HZS75 batching plant used by the screw pump with which model is good?

A: normally, the screw pump used with type 75 plant is mostly LSY273*8M.

hzs25 stationary concrete batching plant

Q: what kind of structure is the main engine of HZS180 batching plant?

Answer: at present, what a lot of domestic manufacturers use is forced double horizontal shaft JS3000 type concrete mixer, also have a lot of what use is the most advanced planetary type structure MAO3000 host machine.

Q: what type of dispensing machine is at HZS90 plant?

Answer: at present, according to the industry standard, the sand and stone batching machine that hzs90 stationary concrete batching plant form a complete set USES, what use basically is the batching machine that PLS2400 4 storehouse measures alone, also have the customer chooses the batching machine of larger size to undertake the batching of sand and stone.

Q: HZS120 batching plant control electrical appliances used is domestic or imported?

Answer: at present, what use below the circumstance that does not have special requirement is the electric appliance of domestic well-known big manufacturer, the control electric appliance component that has demand USES imports.

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