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What is Price of JS500 JS750 Concrete Mixer

Many customers always hover between js750 and js500 concrete mixer for sale when choosing a concrete mixer. I don't know which one to choose. After comparing the price and details, I have a clearer intention. Let's introduce the js750 concrete mixer and What is the price of the js500 concrete mixer?

js500 concrete mixer for sale

How much is the js750 concrete mixer and js500 concrete mixer?

In fact, when it comes to the price of concrete mixers, this is an embarrassing moment. I don't know how to explain it to you, because the quality of concrete mixers produced by different manufacturers is different, the performance is different, and the price is also very different. This Just like Bentley and Chery, they are both cars, but the prices of different brands are very different. The second is that even if the configuration of the same type of concrete mixer is different due to different configurations, the price is also quite different. We also use the car as an analogy. The price of the high-end and low-end vehicles will also vary greatly, so here we can only tell you an approximate price, which is about 30,000-60,000. The precise price of the concrete mixer requires you to directly Consult the manufacturer to obtain it.

Next, let's introduce the details of the js750 concrete mixer and js500 concrete mixer produced by Zhengzhou Haomei concrete mixer manufacturers to facilitate your choice:

js750 concrete mixer, 0.75 cubic meters per discharge, can provide a mixing host for hzs35 concrete mixing station; js500 concrete mixer for 0.5 cubic meters per discharge, can provide mixing host for hzs25 mixingstation.

js500 concrete mixer factory

The similarity between the two is the double horizontal shaft mixing method, which has the advantages of fast mixing speed and good mixing quality. The special mixing design can also ensure the production quality of concrete. The multiple shaft end seal protection device has obtained national technology, effectively The slurry leakage phenomenon, the new structure technology, and the speed of mixing and mixing have been increased dramatically, which can make the forced double-horizontal-shaft concrete mixer quickly push the concrete mixing to achieve uniformity in the first few seconds, which is your choice of equipment.

The question about how much each of the js750 concrete mixer and the js500 concrete mixer is introduced here. If you want to know more about the js750 concrete mixer and js500 concrete mixer, please feel free to contact us.

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