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HZS Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Price

When purchasing a complete set of hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant products, in addition to understanding the product configuration, the customer cares about the price of the equipment. Who doesn't want to buy high-quality and inexpensive mixing plant equipment products. Therefore, when purchasing a set of concrete mixing plant equipment, asking the price first and then the specific configuration seems to have become a convention in the mixing plant industry.

1. Common models of concrete batching plant

The common models of stationary concrete batching plants sold in the domestic market are HZS25-HZS240. The configuration of concrete mixing plants of different models is different, and the cost of the concrete mixing plants is naturally different. Even if it is the same type of concrete batching plant, because of different customer requirements, the price of the concrete batching plant can only be publicized in a price range. After fully communicating the actual needs of users, the accurate mixing equipment cost can be calculated.

hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant

2. Choose a concrete mixing plant that suits you

1. The yhzs25 concrete batch plant shall meet the needs of the project, and unnecessary functions and decorations can be discarded to meet the needs of customers. The quality of concrete that can meet the needs of the project is a pass.

2. Commercial mixing plant can produce a variety of concrete and the appearance of the equipment is beautiful and generous.

3. For the control system of the mixing equipment, the current requirements are automatic and storage functions in order to improve work efficiency and facilitate the inquiry of daily punching records, which is necessary for management and financial reconciliation. Any configuration change will cause changes in the price of the concrete mixing plant.

yhzs25 concrete batch plant

3. The cost of yhzs concrete batching plant. The cost of concrete mixing plant on the market is roughly as follows: the cost of HZS60 concrete mixing plant is between 313,000 and 480,000, the cost of HZS90 concrete mixing plant is between 450,000 and 689,000, and the cost of HZS120 is between 450,000 and 689,000. The cost of the concrete mixing plant is between 650,000 and 880,000, and the cost of the HZS180 concrete mixing plant is between 900,000 and 1.5 million.

4. Do not only pay attention to the price when buying a concrete mixing plant. In order to attract customers to purchase from the factory, some small concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers will choose to lower the price again and again until the customer signs a purchase contract with them. In the later stage, customers will be asked to make up the price difference for various reasons, or to reduce some production links in the production process. Of course, the concrete mixing plant equipment produced in this way can also be used, but the performance and service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced. In the long run, it must be It is not good for buying customers.

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