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Host of Hzs35 Concrete Batching Plant

The mixer is the core equipment of hzs35 concrete batching plant, but there are various types of mixers on the market. How do customers choose? Today I will teach you step by step to choose a suitable mixing host.

hzs35 concrete batching plant

1. The choice of free fall and mandatory

Js concrete mixers can be divided into forced type and self-falling type based on the mixing principle. The compulsory tank does not move, the mixing shaft rotates, and the mixing blade is driven by the mixing arm to forcefully guide and stir the material in the tank; the self-falling mixing drum rotates, and the material is lifted with the aid of the mixing blade installed in the mixing drum. The material falls by its own gravity and produces axial string movement, thus realizing the mixing effect.

Compared with the two, the forced mixing effect is strong. Generally, the mixture can be mixed into homogeneous concrete within 30-60 seconds of mixing time. When preparing special or special concrete, it takes a longer time; self-falling mixing The time needs to be doubled or even longer, and mixing special concrete is difficult or impossible.

Therefore, we choose a js1500 concrete mixer as the host of the concrete mixing plant.

js1500 concrete mixer

2. The selection of double horizontal axis and single horizontal axis

Forced concrete mixers can be divided into two types: single-shaft and double-shaft. Compared with the single-horizontal shaft type, the mixing blade has a low linear speed and is resistant to abrasion; the wear degree of the liner at each part of the tank is relatively close, the liner has a long service life and is economical; the driving device can adopt double Synchronous operation of the sets is more conducive to the supporting conditions of large-size models and the development of product serialization. Therefore, the twin-shaft mixer has become a widely used mixing station host.

JS series twin-shaft mixer produced adopts an integral tank structure. The mixing arm and seat of cast steel are bolted to the square tubular mixing shaft. The angle between adjacent mixing arms is 90°. The large-size mixing blade is a European-style mixing tank structure. , It has a wide range of adaptability to concrete slump and aggregate particle size. Welcome to inquire and purchase.

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