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Haomei Provides High Quality Concrete Mixer

js1000 concrete mixer is a medium-sized mixer equipment with a certain production capacity. According to customer needs, it can be combined with other equipment to form concrete mixing plant equipment. The js1000 concrete mixer suppliers will introduce the characteristics and technology of js1000 mixer equipment in detail.

We work with customers to never add moisture to the price. As for the price of the js1000 concrete mixer, we also have different models. For example, the specific configuration of the js1000 mixer is different, and the final price is also different, but the gap will not be very large.

js1000 concrete mixer suppliers

So what other characteristics do customers need to know about js1000 mixer equipment?

js1000 concrete mixer equipment production capacity

What is the output per hour of a js1000 concrete mixer device? Probably between 50~60 square meters, mainly related to the production cycle. The larger the production cycle, the weaker the production capacity. Especially when it is used in a mixing plant, the continuity of the mixing plant work, working cycle, feeding method, etc. will seriously affect the output of the mixer. For example, the js1000 concrete mixer equipment in 60 mixing stations has a production capacity of 60m³/h.

What is the power consumption of js1000 concrete mixer equipment

There are three motors above the concrete mixer. The sum of the electric power of these three motors is the total power consumption of this js1000 mixer device. So which three motors are they? They are the winch motor, the stirring motor and the water pump motor. The operation of each motor is different, and the power consumption is also different. The total power of Fangtai JSjs1000 is 51 kWh.

What is the total weight of the js1000 mixer equipment?

During our production, we have designed differently for the thickness of the steel plate of the js1000 mixer equipment. On the premise of meeting the national production standards, we have strengthened the quality of the key parts of the plate. At present, the concrete mixer above the js1000 mixer equipment is basically regarded as heavy equipment. They are very large, and the specific size and weight must be determined with the final engineer before they can be provided, about 10T.

Generally speaking, customers are still more concerned about the price, but the price is not the key to measuring whether a concrete mixer is suitable for itself. I hope that customers can investigate the concrete mixer from a more angle and do not enter the low price trap.

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