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Factors Influencing Price of Concrete Mixer

JS1500 concrete mixer price and the manufacturer's choice have always been the concern of users and manufacturers, especially the customers who buy the mixer equipment at a time.

1. Raw material price of concrete mixer

Steel is the skeleton of concrete mixer, especially wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant mixer special steel quantity, directly determines the mixer price. A blender is made of 90% steel, and a small increase in the price of steel affects the factory price.


2. Market supply and demand

If the demand for concrete mixers on the market is greater than the quantity supplied by the manufacturer, the price of the mixers will naturally rise. Otherwise, the blender price will be reduced.

3. Supporting services of concrete mixer

The service life of concrete mixer is generally as long as ten years, in the process of using it is inevitable to appear some small faults to affect the production efficiency, whether JS1000 concrete mixer made in China supporting service provided by the manufacturer is perfect or not, is also a factor that affects the price.

4. Quality of concrete mixer

As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for", the quality of concrete mixer is the main factor determining its price. The better the quality, the higher the price. HAOMEI reminds the customers who buy the concrete mixer to pay more attention to the quality of the mixer instead of the low price.

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