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How To Deal With Sudden Puncture Of Concrete Pump

What should we do if the tire breaks down during the use of China concrete mixer pump.

The first point is to apply glue, but the glue must be dry in the shade, and rubber and cord cloth should be pasted in the tire, and then compacted, and air must not be trapped.

china concrete mixer pump

The second point is to choose a tire repair airbag that is the same size as the concrete pump tire. If the outer side of the tire is injured, it is necessary to suture and fill it with raw rubber after suture. It should be noted that the filling of viviparous rubber needs to be 2-3 mm higher than the tread.

Third, use a tire expander to widen the tire, put the airbag into a woven bag or modify the talcum powder, put it into the tire, put it in the upper mold, and put iron sheets in the center of the upper and lower molds, above the airbag Put in the rubber plate, then put in the iron plate of the maintenance airbag, put in the weight, and install the lead screw. Tighten the two screws to compress the tire.

The third point above is to summarize the solution to the tire failure of the concrete pump in use, and I hope it can be helpful to you during the process of use.

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