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Management Of Raw Materials For Concrete Batching Plant

hzs60 concrete batching plant in saudi arabic

Hzs60 concrete batching plant in saudi arabic is a combination of machinery and equipment specialized in the production and processing of concrete. In addition to cement, sand and gravel, fly ash, etc., its raw materials also need a batch of retarders, water reducers, mold release agents, antifreeze, etc. Additives, the management of these raw materials in the production process also need to pay attention to some problems.

1. Sand and gravel management

In the sand and gravel silos of the concrete mixing station, different specifications of sand and gravel should be stacked in separate silos, and marked with the name, variety, specification, origin, and purchase date of the raw materials. The warehouse manager uniformly numbered the sand and gravel silos, and after drawing the regional distribution map of the entire yard, he notified the laboratory, the main control room, and the forklift feeder respectively, and cooperated with the above personnel to jointly determine the warehouse number on the batching scale, and record and store Condition.

hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant

2. Management of powdered materials

For powdery materials such as cement, fly ash, and ultra-fine powder, the warehouse manager of the hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant shall uniformly number the raw material silo, and each silo shall be marked with the name, origin, variety, and specification of the raw materials stored in it; The inlet of each silo should have the same logo as that of the silo, indicating the variety, specification, place of origin, stock quantity, etc.; the entrance of each silo should be locked, and a special person should be responsible for the management of the feeding. When materials are put into storage, the silo must be checked and signed by both the receiver and the supplier to prevent errors in the feeding process and cause quality accidents.

3. Management of additives

Powder bag admixtures should be neatly stacked in the warehouse of the concrete mixing station, and their name, variety, specification, origin, and date of purchase should be marked with a sign; liquid admixtures should be stored separately for different manufacturers and different varieties, and clearly marked.

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