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Concrete Mixing Plant Operation Method

Concrete Mixing Plant Working Specifications

1. Operate strictly in accordance with the instructions of hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant. In case of equipment failure, the relevant personnel should be notified in time for inspection and repair, and the mixing records and transfer records should be made.

2. Responsible for the inspection and zero check of the symmetrical measuring device before the formal weighing of each work class.

3. Monitor the data from time to time during the mixing, check the quality of the mixing, and strictly control the mixing time and slump.

4. During the operation of hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant, the amount of cement, fly ash, coarse and fine aggregate and water should be closely monitored. If there is an accidental operation error or equipment malfunction due to incorrect ingredients, immediately report to the on-duty leader for emergency handling, and do not handle or confuse the customs without authorization.

hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant

Concrete Mixing Machinery FAQ

Q: How big is the floor space required to build a concrete station? How much does it take?

Answer: China hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant covers a small area, about: 20m * 14m. In addition to sand and gravel, office areas, parking areas, etc., at least three acres of land are required.

Q: What is the service life of the concrete mixing plant? How long does it last?

Answer: This problem cannot be generalized, it is closely related to the quality of the equipment itself, the correct use of equipment operators, and the daily maintenance of maintenance personnel.

Q: What is the discharge height of the small concrete mixing station?

Answer: Small mixers are mostly self-falling concrete mixers. The discharge height is generally about one meter.

js1000 concrete mixer

Q: Which is better for JS500 concrete mixer dual motor start and single motor start?

Answer: The dual-motor start and single-motor start of JS500 concrete mixer are just the updated design of the equipment. There is no difference between the two. The front is mostly a single motor start.

Q: How much does the JS1000 concrete mixer improve?

Answer: The power of low cost JS1000 concrete mixer lifting motor. Most domestic manufacturers choose to use 11KW motors, and some use other power motors.

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