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Importance of Mixing Blade of Concrete Mixer

In China js3000 concrete mixer, mixer blades and mixer arms are one of the key components of the concrete mixer. It is conceivable that the quality of mixer blades is important to the concrete mixer.

In every concrete mixer, the blades are an important part of the mixing system and are easy to wear. Therefore, customers usually require high hardness and wear resistance of mixer blades, as well as high toughness and impact resistance when purchasing mixers. Its reliability, wear resistance and service life directly affect the safe production cycle, production cost and labor intensity of workers. Therefore, concrete mixer blades have high quality requirements.

China js3000 concrete mixer

The good work of mixer blades and mixing arms directly determines the good performance of the mixing system. Therefore, for the concrete mixer operators, knowing the operating speed of the mixing system blades will ensure the good use of China js3000 concrete mixer.

Then, how to prolong the service time of the mixer blades in the concrete mixing station?

During the stirring process, the high-speed operation of the stirring blade of the stirring machine must continuously stir materials, so that various materials are easily adhered to the outer surface of the stirring blade, and the abrasion to the outer surface of the stirring blade is bound to be intensified after churning from time to time. Therefore, after China js3000 concrete mixer is used for a period of time, the bolts that fasten the mixing blades will gradually loosen, which will directly cause the blades to change, and the incorrect mixing angle will naturally cause abrasion problems from time to time.

From this, we can see that the importance of mixer blades in concrete mixer cannot be ignored, so we must pay attention to this when choosing concrete mixer to ensure the quality of China js3000 concrete mixer.

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