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Concrete Batching Plant Control System

Hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant is one of the most productive types of equipment in the HZS series of concrete mixing plants. In order to ensure the output and quality of commercial concrete, the equipment of the concrete mixing plant needs to be perfectly matched to improve efficiency. The automatic control system is the key. The microcomputer control system is the key part of the concrete mixing plant to realize fully automatic production, and it is the central nerve of the mixing plant.

hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant

The advantages of the microcomputer control system of the concrete mixing plant.

1. It can realize the automation of the production process and improve the productivity.

2. It can store a large number of mix ratios for users to choose, and it is very convenient to call and modify the mix ratio.

3. It can automatically track and correct the drop, replenish the under-weigh, and deduct the over-weight, which can significantly improve the weighing accuracy.

4. In order to meet the dynamic weighing accuracy requirements of the mixing station, the system is equipped with manual and automatic correction functions for the water content of sand and gravel. The means of peeling the hopper, correction of the drop, and fine feeding are all controlled by a microcomputer. The electronic scale and the external weighing digital display part are removed.

hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant

5. It can intuitively simulate and display the entire process flow status of hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant, and realize real-time monitoring.

6. It can automatically record and store all kinds of data and tabulate printing.

7. It can realize optimized control and advanced scientific management functions.

8. The microcomputer control system of the concrete mixing plant can judge whether the cement in the warehouse is arched according to the blanking speed during cement weighing, and automatically break the arch. It can also judge whether the material is attached according to the cutting speed during sand weighing, and automatically vibrate. , Make it unblocked.

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