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China Customized Concrete Mixer Factory

The sicoma concrete mixer produced by China customized concrete mixer factory has gradually become popular in the industry. Highways, railways, bridges, airports, modern buildings, etc. are inseparable from concrete pouring.

China customized concrete mixer factory

As we all know, using concrete mixers in the open air is exposed to wind, sun and rain all year round. If regular maintenance and maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment, let us introduce all aspects of repairing the concrete mixing plant system.

The concrete mixer cleaned the inside and outside of the mixing barrel, drained the door, etc., and rinsed with water. Adhesives that have not been properly cleaned should be removed regularly. Tighten the mixing blades once a week to prevent the blades from falling and causing accidents.

For the concrete mixer, check the shaft end seal cavity, the inlet and outlet of the distributor, whether the seal line is smooth, whether it is full of grease, and whether there is enough grease in each lubrication point and gearbox. Observe whether the grease in the storage cylinders of the electric lubrication pumps at all levels is used up. It should be filled up in time after use, and no oil-free operation is allowed.

customized concrete mixer

Why is the customized concrete mixer inefficient?

1. The preparation time is longer than the mixing and discharging time. Since the preparation of various raw materials needs to be completed after the preparation is completed, in this case, there is a lot of idle time in the whole process, which can only wait for the preparation work, which greatly reduces the workload and the efficiency of each workflow. time unit. Unable to complete the corresponding workload.

2. The preparation time is less than or equal to the sum of the two. The calculation of work efficiency in the concrete production process is relatively large, that is, if the total production time is too long, it will destroy the entire concrete production balance and work efficiency will be low.

The China concrete mixer factory tells you that the efficiency of the concrete mixing plant is not completely related to the mixer. Among them, the materials that need to be mixed such as gravel and pebbles are difficult to transport to the mixer, so it takes a long time to weigh cement, curing agent and liquid. . By controlling the speed of the weighing tool, the efficiency of the concrete mixer can be improved.

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