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How To Buy Trailer Concrete Pump

How to buy trailer concrete pump?

In recent years, the state has increased investment in infrastructure construction, and the concrete batching plant market has developed rapidly. The domestic fully hydraulic reciprocating piston trailer concrete pump has experienced a development process from scratch, from weakness to strength. With the market warming up, trailer concrete pump production enterprises are emerging, different manufacturers, models of trailer concrete pump products more and more. Facing the dazzling trailer concrete pump product market, how should the user distinguish its performance? From which aspect, to choose and buy high cost performance brand outstanding trailer concrete pump?

Starting from the technical parameters, usually, a trailer concrete pump has the following main technical parameters: delivery capacity, outlet pressure, motor power and distribution valve form. According to the new national standard, these main parameters can be obtained from the model of trailer concrete pump. The following is a case study of HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump made in China to illustrate its significance.

hbt80s1813 110 trailer concrete pump

HB -- pinyin for trailer concrete pump

T - towed

S -- distribution valve is S - shaped pendulum valve

60 -- maximum throughput, m /h

110 -- motor power, kW

According to the marked outlet pressure class, it is divided into low pressure pump (≤5MPa), medium pressure pump (6-10mps) and high pressure pump (>10MPa). According to the maximum throughput per hour, there are 20-100m, and most trailer concrete pumps can achieve two levels of variable displacement or stepless variables. The user should choose the outlet pressure according to the actual needs of the project and the height of the conveying distance. According to the mixing capacity, select the output quantity range; According to the pumping concrete aggregate, select the distribution valve form. S-shaped arranging the valve less pressure loss, in the process of pumping concrete flow smoothly, but restricted by pipe diameter, the aggregate demand is higher, suitable for medium and high pressure pump, suitable for high-rise buildings and concrete of high quality, high lift transportation over a long distance. Gate valve pump to low aggregate demand has been 'eat whole grains, because material is different, absorption, under the same condition, the mixing concrete pumping is better than that of S valve pump and on the low pressure pump application more, namely: pumping height of 100 meters, level 300 meters.

The motor power of a HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump for sale is the precondition to determine the outlet pressure and the quantity of conveyor. On the contrary, reducing export pressure will lead to an increase in throughput. In order to ensure that the trailer concrete pump not only has a large throughput, but also has a certain amount of export pressure and economic power to match, in the design of the trailer concrete pump, most of the use of constant power plunger pump; That is, after the constant power value is selected, when the outlet pressure increases, the output capacity of the oil pump will automatically decrease to the value corresponding to the power design. If not only to achieve high export pressure, but also to achieve a large quantity of goods. The only way is to increase the motor power. Therefore, in the new national standard, the concept of capacity index of trailer concrete pump (MPa·m /h as the measurement unit) is introduced. That is, the product of the actual outlet pressure of the trailer concrete pump and the actual throughput per hour, the greater the value, the greater the capacity index, the greater the power of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of large displacement and high head. In the design of the pump tiger company, it also adopts the function design of switching between high and low pressure to meet different construction requirements. In the economic state, it can produce a large amount of transmission, or with the same motor power, produce a higher export pressure.

Taking hbt60s-1816-110 as an example, when it is at the maximum throughput of 60m /h, the outlet pressure is 7.8mpa, which can realize the rapid pumping of low pressure and large displacement. When it is switched to the throughput of 35m /h, the maximum outlet pressure reaches 16MPa, enabling high head and long-distance transmission with high pressure and small displacement. If the outlet pressure of the high quallity HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump reaches the high pressure level, and at the same time has a large amount of transmission, in the case of insufficient motor power, this is impossible to achieve at the same time.

Look at the trailer concrete pump component configuration:

Hydraulic pump - hydraulic pump is the trailer concrete pump "heart", according to the origin of different domestic hydraulic pump and imported hydraulic pump; According to the hydraulic pump structure has gear pump, vane pump, piston pump. For the same type of hydraulic pump suitable for different pressure classes. Because of its low cost and strong adaptability, gear pump is widely used in the early stage of wuhan, changsha outside the trailer concrete pump, but because of its small pressure, pulse resistance, usually configured in the low-pressure pump, or only in the middle, high pressure pump auxiliary oil system; The plunger pump is divided into inclined disc type and inclined shaft type. Imported hydraulic pumps, such as rexroth A4VG, A10VG, A11VG series products for the world's first-class products. In domestic inclined shaft plunger pump, the A7V and A8V series products represented by guiyang liyuan hydraulic are the high-quality products of domestic plunger pump with relatively reliable quality. Therefore, from the use of hydraulic pump grade, you can peep a trailer concrete pump machine performance.

trailer concrete pump manufacturers

Hydraulic valve - hydraulic valve is the hydraulic pump "assistant", including sequence valve, reducing valve, reversing valve, unloading valve, one-way valve and switching valve. Domestic reversing valve, unloading valve to Shanghai lixin, Beijing huade products are better, but in the sequence valve, reducing valve and other technical difficulties, high reliability requirements of the valve class, in order to choose Germany hawei, rexroth, the United States weigershi and other world famous brands for the best, so that the low cost HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump performance has a reliable guarantee. If a hydraulic valve set failure, will affect the work of the whole machine; Therefore, the purchase of trailer concrete pump, not only to see the "heart", but also to see its "assistant", to achieve the best configuration.

Electrical components - the electrical components on the trailer concrete pump are contactors, circuit breakers, relays, etc., which control the operation of the relevant components according to the logical procedure. Although domestic electric components in the price advantage, but the reliability and life of imported or joint venture brand components quality is still a gap. Schneider's contactors, Siemens's circuit breakers and omron's small relays are among the best of their kind. In order to reduce the electrical contact caused by the fault, some trailer concrete pump manufacturers are currently applying PLC (programmable controller) to the trailer concrete pump, in order to minimize the mechanical contact of its electrical system. PLC application, the realization of contactless program control, and easy to achieve automatic remote control, using microcomputer to write fault detection program, show the cause of the fault, convenient operation and maintenance of the system.

When the purchase of trailer concrete pump, not only to choose the brand, choose performance, choose the level of components, but also to see the technical strength of the manufacturer, production history, but also to see its after-sales service level, that is, the cost of the product. Formal enterprises in r & d strength, quality assurance, after-sales service and the supply of spare parts, have a better performance, users can be exempted from worries.

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