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Why Can't Concrete Mixer Pump Hit Concrete

The function of concrete mixer pump is to continuously output concrete along the pipeline during the construction of the project. At present, more and more concrete mixing pump manufacturers, models are more diverse. However, it has been reported that the concrete mixer will not produce concrete for some time. Why is that?

After excluding the factors of incorrect concrete ratio, there may be the following three reasons:

concrete mixer pump

One, piston rod and piston off, this time should open the valve window to clean the concrete, and then retighten (spring pad replacement).

Two, hopper and the valve box and the connection of the suction lane blocked, and the solution is the same, and at the same time with a reverse pump will be blocked suction hopper or open after cleaning the valve box.

Three, the valve box body because of the seal or the proportion of the concrete is not appropriate, resulting in the accumulation of materials and other reasons to breathe in the air, then should immediately stop mixing, when the back pump in the hopper port with an iron bar impact, gas out.

What if the concrete pump cutting ring is worn?

1. The concrete pump cutting ring is used in conjunction with the rubber spring to increase the conveying pressure of the s-tube valve.

2. However, as the concrete mixer pump is used for a long time, it is easy to appear the concrete pump cutting ring wear. The concrete pump cutting ring is already wearing parts, which is used to make it wear back and forth in the process of work.

concrete mixer pump application

3. Generally, the wear rate of the cutting ring can only be reduced by improving the pumping performance of concrete, and the gap between the cutting ring and the glasses plate can be ensured to be about 2-4mm by frequent inspection and nut tightening to reduce the accidental damage of the cutting ring.

Solution: tighten the nut to reduce the gap between the eyeglass plate and the cutting ring under acceptable conditions. If the wear is so serious that the eyeglass plate leaks or the pipe is blocked by the concrete mixer pump, it is recommended to replace the new accessories as soon as possible, otherwise the eyeglass plate is damaged and the loss is too large.

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