HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump

HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump manufacturer provides high quallity HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump for sale with factory price.

Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure): 85/42m3
Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure): 12.5/5.28Mpa
Hydraulic system pressure: 32Mpa
Rotation speed: 1480r/min

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Characteristics of HBT60S1413-112R Trailer Concrete Pump

1. HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump power system

2. Trailer concrete pump electrical control system

3. Trailer concrete pump hydraulic system

4. Pumping system for trailer concrete pump

5. Trailer Concrete Pump Lubrication System

Installation Points of Trailer Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps mainly include tow pumps, on-vehicle pumps and pump trucks. Compared to on-vehicle pumps and pump trucks, tow pumps involve daily installation problems. So in actual operation, how do we change to properly install concrete tow pumps? What are the main points?

First, the high quality HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump must first be placed on a solid cement floor or stone pier, keep it level, and lock the positioning pins and safety pins of the four legs of the pump to make the tire off the ground or remove the tire.

HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump for sale

2. Make a chute according to the outlet of the mixer and the hopper of the concrete pump, so that the material discharged by the mixer enters the hopper of the pump through the chute.

3. In general, the hopper of the concrete pump needs to be raised about 20cm in order to increase the volume of the hopper so as to ensure that the concrete will not flow out and cause unnecessary waste.

4. On the placement of the chute, the slope should be appropriate, and the tilt angle should be controlled between 25 and 40 degrees, and the drop should not be too large.

Fifth, when the chute is connected with the hopper of the HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump with factory price, a certain space needs to be left between the chute and the hopper, which is convenient for cleaning the hopper and sieve.

6. After all installations are in place, look at the whole to ensure that the cover door of HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump for sale can be opened and closed freely, which is convenient for maintenance operations.

How to Install Trailer Concrete Pump Pipeline Correctly

HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump manufacturer says, in the operation of the concrete pump, is the correct installation of the pipeline directly affecting the construction efficiency. Once the pipeline connection is sent incorrectly, it is easy to cause pipe blockage. How should concrete pumps be properly installed?

First of all, the pipeline should be arranged according to the shortest distance, the smallest elbow and the largest elbow to reduce the transportation resistance as much as possible, thereby reducing the possibility of pipe blocking. At the exit of the concrete pump, it is not allowed to connect the elbow directly. At least 5mm straight pipe should be connected before connecting the elbow.

high quality HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump

Secondly, only one can be added at a time when the high quality HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump with factory price takes over the pipe, and the inner wall of the concrete pump's pipeline should be lubricated with water first, and the air should be exhausted, otherwise it will easily cause pipe blocking. Separation prevention devices should be installed at the outlet of vertical downward pipelines to prevent blockage.

Finally, it should be noted that the length of the horizontal pipeline should not be less than 15% of the length of the vertical pipeline when pumping at the high level, and the pipeline stop valve should be connected in the horizontal pipeline. When the downtime of the concrete pump exceeds 5min, the shut-off valve should be closed to prevent the concrete from flowing backwards and causing pipe blockage. For 90-degree bends from horizontal to vertical, the bending radius should be greater than 500mm.

Factors Affecting the Service Life of Concrete Pumps

With the country's increasing support for new rural construction, HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump for sale can be seen in many rural areas in China today, and even rural buildings almost say goodbye to the years of manual construction. They are expected to be durable in the process of using concrete pumps Has a relatively long service life, so what are the factors that affect the service life of concrete pumps?

1. Actual working time of equipment.

2. Equipment maintenance methods.

3. Quality of pumped concrete.


Theory Concrete Output(Low / High Pressure)



Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)



Hydraulic system pressure


Rotation speed


High / low pressure switch


Distribution valve


Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke


Main oil pump discharge


Diesel engine


Voltage/ Frequency



Hydraulic tank volume


Height of adding material


Hopper volume


Total mass


Concrete slump



Aclinic Delivery distance


Theory vertical pumping height


Dimension: L*W*H



Production Case


Trailer Concrete Pumps In Zambia

Zambian customers have been using the old concrete equipment, low efficiency, please many people, often blocked pipe also had to stop work to repair, in addition to maintenance costs and workers' wages, also did not earn much money.

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