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What Is Js750 Concrete Mixer

Hot sale js750 concrete mixer is a double horizontal shaft forced mixer, is now the construction site and commercial concrete manufacturers in the common mixer type, this paper we will introduce the js750 concrete mixer motor power and the output of common problems.

Domestic production of js750 concrete mixer manufacturers have a lot of, good mandatory mixer has a very high mixing efficiency, by the big commodity concrete mixing institutions. The forced mixer is the core of the equipment of the mixing station, and the mixing shaft is the core of the mixer, js750 concrete mixer is through the rotation of the mixing shaft, driving the mixer arm on the shaft, the use of the mixing arm at the end of the mixing blade for forced mixing of materials, so as to achieve uniform mixing effect.

js750 concrete mixer price

So, how much is the power of js750 concrete mixer motor? Generally speaking, js750 concrete mixer motor is 60kw, but different manufacturers use the motor size is different, quality is different, the motor power may be different.

What is the discharging height of js750 concrete mixer?

The common unloading height is 3.8 meters and 4.2 meters. The leg height is 3.8 meters for receiving materials with agricultural vehicles, and 4.2 meters for receiving materials with tank trucks. HAOMEI can also be customized according to customers' special conditions.

How much is the price of js750 concrete mixer produced by HAOMEI?

As a result of js750 concrete mixer configuration is different, for example, the discharge height is different, the price will be different, in addition to the quality of js750 concrete mixer produced by different manufacturers, the performance is different, the price is different. Generally speaking, js750 concrete mixer price is about five or six thousand. If you want to know the accurate price, you can directly send an email to consult, so that we will provide you with accurate quotation according to your specific needs.

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