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Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

The trailer mounted concrete pumps is a kind of construction machinery. Because of its poor working environment, it is necessary to do daily maintenance and maintenance work. Lubrication is one of the very important tasks. Concrete pump is divided into manual lubrication and automatic lubrication. The specific analysis is as follows:

trailer mounted concrete pumps

1. Manual lubrication

A type of trailer pumps uses a screw-top oil cup. The oil cup is filled with grease first, and the pressure generated by tightening the cup cover presses the grease onto the friction surface. For example, there is a screw on each of the two swing valve cylinder seats. Oil cup with lid. During the pumping process, the cap should be lubricated every 4 hours to keep the spherical friction surface in a good lubrication state.

2. Automatic lubrication

The trailer mounted pumps uses an automatic lubrication system that combines the advantages of a progressive lubrication system and a two-line lubrication system. It can be lubricated with hydraulic oil and grease respectively. It is lubricated by a dry oil filter, a one-way four-way valve, a manual lubrication pump, It is composed of progressive distribution valve, two-line lubrication center and pipeline. The automatic lubrication system can lubricate the following lubrication points: mixing bearing, S tube size bearing, concrete piston in the conveying cylinder.

trailer mounted pumps

In the automatic lubrication system, the manual lubrication pump is a lubrication auxiliary grease supply device. The handle of the grease pump should be pulled before pumping each time. After observing the grease overflow at the stirring bearing and the bearing of the S tube, you can Stop the manual pump oil. When pumping concrete, the trailer mounted concrete pumps system is provided by the dual-line lubrication center to provide hydraulic oil as a lubricant to automatically provide lubrication for the mechanical system. For manual lubrication pumps, use non-extreme pressure type "oo" semi-fluid grease in summer, and use non-extreme pressure type "000" semi-fluid grease in winter.

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