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Safe Operation of Trailer Concrete Pump

First, the high quality hbt80s1813-145r trailer concrete pump should be placed on a flat, solid ground, and there should be no obstacles around it. After the outriggers are lowered and adjusted, the fuselage should be kept level and stable, and the tires should be tightened.

The laying of pumping pipelines should meet the following requirements:

1. The horizontal pumping pipeline should be laid in a straight line;

2. The vertical pumping pipeline must not be directly connected to the output of the trailer concrete pump. A horizontal pipe with a length of not less than 20m should be installed at the front of the vertical pipe and a check valve should be installed near the pump.

3. When laying down-sloping pipes, a section of horizontal pipe should be installed on the output port, and its length should not be less than 5 times the height difference of the inclined pipe. When the slope is large, an exhaust valve should be installed at the upper end of the slope.

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4. The pumping pipeline of hbt80s1813-145r trailer concrete pump shall be supported and fixed. A wooden pad shall be provided as a buffer between the pipeline and the fixture. It shall not be directly connected with steel bars or formwork. The pipeline and pipeline shall be firmly connected; Fasten the seal tightly and do not leak slurry; do not install the worn pipeline in the high-pressure area at the rear end;

5. After laying the pump pipeline, the pressure test should be performed.

3. The size of the sand and gravel, the number of cement and the mix ratio should be in accordance with the factory regulations to meet the pumpability requirements of the pump.

4. Check and confirm the bolts of the pumps before operation. The protective devices are complete and reliable. The operating switches, adjustment handles, handwheels, control levers, cocks, etc. of all parts are in the correct position. The hydraulic system is normal and there is no leakage. It is stipulated that there is no debris in the mixing bucket, and the protective grid above is intact and tightly closed.

Fifth, the thickness of the pipe wall of the transportation pipeline should match the pumping pressure, and high-quality pipes should be selected near hbt80s1813-145r trailer concrete pump for sale. Pipe joints, seals and elbows should be intact. Wet sacks or wet sacks should be used to cover the pipeline under high temperature and hot sun, and watering should be used to reduce the temperature in a timely manner. Insulation measures should be taken in cold seasons.

6. It shall be equipped with cleaning tubes, cleaning supplies, ball receivers and related devices. Before starting the pump, irrelevant personnel should leave around the pipeline.

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