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Stationary Concrete Pump For Sale

A. Start the stationary concrete pump for dry running. If the temperature is low, the dry running time should be longer. The temperature of the hydraulic oil must be raised to 15 degrees Celsius before pumping.

B. Add a certain amount of clean water to the hopper to warm the hopper, distribution valve and delivery pipeline.

C. Before pumping concrete, 0.5-1m3 of mortar must be pumped; part of the mortar must be kept in the hopper (to the upper and lower part of the hopper axis), and then pumped together after the concrete is added to the hopper.

stationary concrete pump for sale

D. In the process of concrete pumping by concrete pumps, strict attention should be paid to the actual mixing quality and slump of the concrete. If the mixed concrete does not meet the pumping requirements, it must be rejected.

E. The hopper network should not be filled with concrete. The super-particle aggregates and debris on the network should be removed in time. When the mixing shaft in the hopper is stuck and does not rotate, the pumping by stationary concrete pump for sale should be suspended, and the operation should be reversed in time to remove In case of failure, the concrete in the hopper should not be too small to prevent the pipeline from being blocked due to suction. When the material supply cannot keep up, the pumping should be stopped in time.

concrete pump for sale

F. When the pumping operation has to be interrupted for a long time, the mixing work in the hopper of the concrete pump should be stopped, otherwise the coarse aggregate in the concrete will sink. When pumping again, it should be mixed first, and it must be operated in the forward and reverse pumps. After two strokes, normal pumping can be resumed.

G. During the pumping process, always observe the pressure and lubrication of each instrument on the stationary concrete pump sale. If any abnormality occurs, it should be eliminated in time to ensure normal pumping.

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