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How To Solve Asphalt Mixing Plant Parts Damaged

China Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant in stock is used to produce asphalt concrete in batches. Due to the influence of various factors during the production and processing process, some problems will inevitably occur after a period of use. Some manufacturers have Lack of relevant treatment experience may cause damage to the equipment. This article briefly introduces the methods of remedying damaged parts in asphalt mixing station.

lb2000 asphalt mixing plant manufacturers

Asphalt Mixing Plant encounters different problems, and its processing methods are different. For example, one of the common problems of asphalt mixing equipment is the fatigue and damage of parts. At this time, the method that manufacturers need to do is to produce cluster parts Start improving.

LB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant manufacturer can improve the surface smoothness of the parts, and can also reduce the stress concentration of the parts by adopting a relatively gentle section filtration. Carburizing and quenching can also be used to improve the asphalt mixing plant. Performance, these methods can reduce the effect of fatigue damage of parts.

In addition to the fatigue damage of the parts, Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant will also encounter parts damage due to friction. At this time, the manufacturer should try to use wear-resistant materials, and at the same time, design the components of the asphalt mixing plant to reduce friction as much as possible. Likelihood of happening. If the equipment encounters parts damage caused by corrosion, users can use chrome, zinc and other corrosion-resistant materials to plate the surface of metal parts. This method can prevent the parts from corrosion.

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