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Model: LBY series
Capacity: 80-160t/h
Mixing Cycle: 45s
Container Volume: 60-110t

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Advantages of Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalt mixing plant stopcock

The plug valve is a type of closure or plunger-shaped rotary valve. After 90 degrees of rotation, the passage opening on the valve plug is the same as or separated from the passage opening on the valve body to complete opening or closing. It is widely used in oilfield excavation, transportation and Such valves are also required in the refinery equipment and in Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant made in China.

The plug shape of the plug valve in the asphalt mixing plant can be cylindrical or conical. In a cylindrical valve plug, the channel is generally rectangular; in a conical valve plug, the channel is trapezoidal. These shapes make the plug valve lighter in structure, which is very suitable for blocking and connecting medium and diverting.

Movement scouring of plug valve in asphalt mixing plant

Because the movement between the sealing surfaces of the plug valve has a scrubbing effect. And mobile asphalt mixing plant with factory price can completely avoid touching with the moving medium when it is fully opened, it can also be used for the medium with suspended particles. In addition, another important feature of the plug valve is that it is easy to get used to the multi-channel structure, so that one valve can obtain two, three, or even four different flow channels, which can simplify the setup of the piping system and reduce the valve usage. And some connection accessories needed in the equipment.

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Advantages of Asphalt Mixing plant Plug Valves

The plug valve of China Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant in stock is suitable for frequent operation because it is quick and easy to open and close. And it also reflects small fluid resistance, simple structure, relatively small size, light weight, easy maintenance, good sealing performance, and no vibration. Low noise and other advantages.

Requirements for using asphalt mixing plant

Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment to be used on the highway. For this equipment, when it is used, it also has to meet various requirements. What kind of requirements does it have to meet?Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant supplier told.

High quality of finished materials in asphalt mixing plant

The first is that mobile asphalt mixing plant with factory price must achieve good finished product quality, because this is one of its working purposes. If a device does not meet the requirements of its own working purpose, it is an unqualified device, so for this kind of equipment That said, in terms of its performance in this regard, it must be achieved by itself, so what kind of requirements must be met when the asphalt mixing plant is used?

Asphalt mixing plant needs stability

Another is that it must achieve good stability. When using an Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant made in China, users must first pay attention to its performance in this regard. If a device can achieve good results by itself, but it does not meet the requirements in this regard In the end, it is not satisfactory in terms of its own output, so for this product, its performance in terms of itself must also be achieved, and when it reaches its performance in stability It can also make it achieve good measurement requirements, because this kind of work must also have a good measurement.

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Structure of the asphalt mixing plant is simplified

In addition, China Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant in stock must be simple on its own structure. We all know that for this kind of equipment, it is itself a large-scale equipment, but when it is large-scale, it is also itself. To achieve good simplification, because it has achieved simplification, the overall operation will be reduced to a certain extent, and it will allow you to reduce certain costs when you buy it. Of course, it must be simplified. This is not to say that it should be reduced in its own technological content.

Asphalt mixing plant FAQ

Reasons for low efficiency of asphalt mixing plant

The most common ones are product instability and low production efficiency of the equipment. After analysis, mobile asphalt mixing plant supplier says that the reasons for this type of failure are mainly: 1. Improper mix of raw materials; 2. The quality of raw materials is not up to standard; 3. The fuel combustion value in the equipment is low; 4. The equipment operating parameters are not set properly. After determining which kind of cause, it is enough to take corresponding measures.

Reasons for unstable temperature of asphalt mixing plant

In addition to low efficiency, the discharge temperature of the asphalt mixing plant is sometimes unstable and cannot meet the strict temperature requirements. The cause of this problem is inaccurate heating temperature control, and the size of the burner flame needs to be readjusted to improve this situation.









Coverall Power

Fuel Oil



Fuel Coal



Aggregate Batcher




Storage Volume(T)




Finished Asphalt Storage Bin




Motor power(KW)




Weighing Accuracy(100%)













Asphalt Temperature


Fuel Consumption

Fuel Oil:5-7.5kg/t; Fuel Coal:13-15kg/t

Optional Components

Water dust collector, Bag-house dust, collector, Control room, Bitumen heating tank

Production Case


Large-scale concrete mixing plant project in Poland

After a Polish company wins a road construction project, the relevant person in charge considers that it is a large and medium-sized engineering project,

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