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Solution for concrete mixer truck not turning

Everyone in the concrete industry knows that the large tank on the body of the concrete mixing tank truck must be kept rotating during transportation. In order to ensure that the material in the tank is mixed uniformly and does not solidify, the good quality concrete is constructed on the construction site.

The concrete mixing tank truck's tanks have to be scrapped for a long time without turning the whole truck. We also need to clear out the contents of the mixing tank in time. If the result is very serious, the mixing tank may be solidified by the concrete and the entire concrete mixing tank will be scrapped.

rmc truck

Found that the concrete mixing tank does not turn, we have to analyze the cause and identify the problem from these aspects:

1. The oil level is too low, the oil suction pipe is not placed as required to absorb oil.

2. The suction pipe is broken or squeezed.

3. The oil filter is too dirty, the environment of the concrete mixer tank truck itself is not clean, you need to clean it regularly.

4. The main pump high pressure valve is damaged, or too dirty.

5. The transmission shaft of the connection pump is broken. This meat can be seen.

6. The rotation direction of the transmission motor is incorrect, and the auxiliary pump is damaged.

7. Loosen the conditioning lever and disconnect from its control.

The above 7 items are common treatment methods to check that the concrete mixing tanker tank does not rotate.

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