HM6-D Concrete Mixer Truck

HM6-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer provides discount high quality HM6-D concrete mixer truck made in China.

Mixing Capacity: 6m3
Tank Volume: 9.96m3
Feeding Speed: ≥3m³/min
Discharging Speed: ≥1.5m³/min

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Description Of HM6-D Concrete Mixer Truck

1. HM6-D concrete mixer truck made in China can effectively delay concrete condensation, avoid concrete layering and falling off, and ensure construction quality and speed.

2. The main function of the concrete mixer is to transport the concrete from the concrete mixing plant to the place where it needs to be poured.

3. The high quality HM6-D concrete mixer truck has a wide range of applications, especially for large concrete works, such as canals, Bridges, roads, DAMS, multi-story and industrial buildings, factories and airports.

Maintenance Of HM6-D Concrete Mixer Truck

At present, HM6-D concrete mixer truck for manufacturer is in the off-season. It is reasonable to arrange the time to clean up the build-up inside the tank of the concrete mixer truck, check the wear of the three-piece suit, and replace the three-piece suit in a timely manner to ensure that the concrete mixer truck runs in the next Continuity. Increasing the intensity of concrete mixer truck maintenance work is to reduce the intensity of equipment maintenance.

Maintain the concrete mixer from the following repair methods:

1. The discount HM6-D concrete mixer truck is repaired after it is faulty during use. This kind of maintenance method is more economical when the production loss is small and the fault can be eliminated by adjusting or replacing the wearing parts.

HM6-D concrete mixer truck made in China

2. From a preventive point of view, preventive maintenance and repair before a fault occurs is called preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance includes routine maintenance, equipment inspection and preventive repair. Routine maintenance can prevent or postpone the deterioration of construction machinery, inspect, monitor and diagnose construction machinery regularly or irregularly, find fault signs in a timely manner, and perform repairs to avoid sudden shutdown losses.

3. Improve the performance or local structure of the HM6-D concrete mixer truck made in China while repairing the faulty part, in order to overcome the inherent disadvantages of the mixer truck. Improve equipment performance and reduce failures, but cannot compensate for invisible wear and tear of construction machinery. Due to the peculiarities of the concrete mixer truck industry and the shortage of company equipment, under the current situation, each concrete mixing station mostly adopts the maintenance method after the fact. Judging from the effect of equipment operation, the attendance rate of the mixer truck has been greatly guaranteed, and the equipment maintenance cost has been greatly reduced.

HM6-D Concrete Mixer Truck Delivery

1. After the HM6-D concrete mixer truck for sale has finished discharging, use the hose on the truck to drain the water immediately to clean the inlet, hopper and discharge chute, etc., and remove the dirt and residual concrete that are stuck around the vehicle body. Fill the mixing drum with 150-200L of clean water. On the way back, let the mixing drum rotate slowly to clean the inner wall, avoid the residual slag from attaching to the cylinder wall and the stirring blade, and drain the water before charging again.

2. When HM6-D concrete mixer truck from manufacturer is transporting concrete cement, the engine speed works in the range of 1000-1400 rpm, so that the engine has the maximum torque. During the transportation of cement, the speed must not exceed 40km / h to ensure driving safety.

high quality HM6-D concrete mixer truck

3. After the concrete mixer truck is finished, the inside of the mixing drum and the vehicle body should be cleaned, and the remaining concrete cannot be left in the drum.

4. When the high quality HM6-D concrete mixer truck is working with the pump, it is forbidden to idle, and it should not exceed 15 minutes during continuous use.

5. The water volume of the concrete tank of the concrete mixer truck should be kept full for emergency use. After the machine is shut down in winter, the water in the water tank, pump, water pipe, and mixing drum should be drained and parked in a sunny place without water accumulation to avoid Frozen machinery.

6. In the winter, the discount HM6-D concrete mixer truck should be installed with a thermal insulation cover in time, and the anti-freezing fluid should be used to protect the mixer truck, and the fuel label should be changed according to the weather to ensure the normal use of the machine.

7. When inspecting and repairing the hydraulic transmission part of the concrete mixer truck, the engine and hydraulic pump should be carried out without pressure.

8. When adjusting the clearance, travel, and pressure of each part of the HM6-D concrete mixer truck for sale, it should be checked and agreed by a full-time safety officer; when replacing the parts, it must be signed by the minister or the manager in charge, otherwise the relevant personnel will be held accountable after problems occur.


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φ430 Monolithic dry type

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