HM12-D Concrete Mixer Truck

HM12-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer provides low price high quality concrete mixer truck made in china for sale.

Mixer Capacity: 12m3
Tank Volume: 17.93m3
Feeding Speed: ≥3.5m³/min
Discharging Speed: ≥3m³/min

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Classification of HM12-D Concrete Truck Mixer

1. Dry HM12-D concrete mixer truck for sale can pour aggregate and cement directly into the mixing tank.

2. The wet concrete mixer truck can transport concrete from the concrete or aggregate (sand gravel), cement and water produced by the concrete batching plant. During the transportation, the wet concrete mixer truck is slowly and continuously stirred to prevent the concrete from Initial mixing and segregation occurred during transportation.

3. The mixing truck is prepared in proportion to the concrete aggregate and cement, and is filled with a certain amount of water. The mixing truck arrives at the construction site or adds water to the construction site to stir.

4. According to the moisture in transporting concrete, concrete mixer trucks can be divided into three types of high quality HM12-D concrete mixer trucks: wet type, material type and semi-dry type.

5. In the process of transporting dry goods into the barrel, the mixer truck will stir after arriving at the construction site, and then add water to stir to complete the concrete.

6. From production to pouring concrete, the cycle cannot exceed 1.5 hours to avoid concrete setting.

HM12-D Concrete Truck MixerAdvantages

For small concrete mixer trucks, whether mobile or stationary, the mixer is designed to overcome certain construction obstacles that may occur during normal work operations. Small cement mixers provide the flexibility to get fresh concrete anytime, anywhere.

Concrete mixer truck produces concrete

Another advantage of having a small cement mixer is that the concrete is always fresh and at the right temperature. This is true wherever you need it, and how long it takes to get there. In addition, by allowing you to mix the exact amount you may need, it reduces and minimizes concrete waste and shortages, respectively. By far the best part of having your own blender is that it is ready for you, which may mean you are ready to go. If more water is needed or the mixture needs to be adjusted, HM12-D concrete mixer truck for sale will also have its own water supply.

hm12d concrete mixer truck manufacturer

They are also suitable for remote construction in areas where batch factories cannot be installed at or near the job site. In addition, compared with renting a lease, in the long run, the cost can be saved. To earn extra money, people can also rent the mixer easily, and considering its portability, it will soon be sought after by other contractors.

Concrete mixer truck size

Due to its relatively small size, small mixer trucks can be placed wherever needed. This reduces inconvenience when trying to compensate for its location. As a result, the concrete is mixed and poured close to the site, ensuring higher efficiency. Also in terms of size, they are easier and cheaper to maintain and operate than their larger counterparts. They are also easier to manipulate and therefore do not require high skills to drive or even possibly operate. In addition, there is a small self-loading concrete mixer, which can be self-loading and 270 degrees discharge, you can learn more.

Precautions For Using Concrete Mixer Truck

1. The pressure of the hydraulic system should meet the requirements in the instruction manual, and it should not be adjusted at will. The quality and quantity of hydraulic oil should meet the original requirements.

2. Before loading the high quality HM12-D concrete mixer truck, drain the remaining water and debris in the mixer. Keep turning during transportation to prevent concrete segregation. Before the concrete mixer truck arrives at the construction site and discharges, the mixer should be rotated at full speed at 14-18 rpm for 1-2 minutes, and then reverse discharge. Before reversing, the mixer should be kept stationary.

3. The ambient temperature is higher than +25 degrees Celsius, and the duration from loading, transportation, and unloading must not exceed 60 minutes. The ambient temperature is lower than +25 degrees Celsius, and the above time must not exceed 90 minutes.

4. During winter construction, it should be practical to check whether the low price HM12-D concrete mixer truck made in China is frozen before starting; carefully remove the residual water in the mixer and the water supply system after work, turn off the pump switch, and place the control handle in the "stop" position.

hm12d concrete mixer truck for sale

5. Immediately after the unloading at the construction site, the hoses provided with the mixer truck should be used to flush the hopper, hopper, discharge chute, etc., and remove the sludge and concrete attached to the vehicle body. On the way back to the mixing station, 150-200L of water should be poured into the mixing drum to clean the concrete residues bonded to the wall and the blade.

6. At the end of each day, the driver should be responsible for pouring clean water into the mixing drum of HM12-D concrete mixer truck made in China and rotating it at high speed (14-18 rpm) for 5-10 minutes, and then drain the water to ensure that the drum is clean. When cleaning parts of the mixer with high-pressure water, care should be taken to avoid parts such as meters and joysticks. The distance between the pressure water nozzle and the painted surface of the vehicle body shall not be less than 40 cm.

7. HM12-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer says, when removing the dirt and residual concrete slag inside and outside the mixing drum, and when the maintenance personnel enters the drum for maintenance and welding operations, the car engine must be turned off to stop the mixing drum completely. During the work of the mechanics entering the cylinder, it must be ensured that the inside of the mixing cylinder is well ventilated, the air is fresh, free of gases and harmful dust, and the oxygen supply is sufficient (do not use pure oxygen). When operating with a power tool inside the barrel, the operator must have good insulation protection.

8. When working, do not put your hand into the rotating mixing drum of the concrete mixer truck. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the connection part of the main discharge chute and the extended discharge chute to avoid accidents.

9. The abrasion condition of the mixing blade of the low price HM12-D concrete mixer truck should be regularly checked and repaired and replaced in time.

10. Implement all relevant safety operation specifications. The driver of the concrete mixer truck must be professionally trained, and those who do not have a certificate shall not be employed.


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