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Six Points For Buying Concrete Mixer Truck

Buying point one: Use reliably

After the concrete is loaded into the car, it is required to be unloaded on the work surface within 2 hours or less, and during this period, it must be constantly stirred. If it cannot be transported to the construction site within a specified time or the mixing is stopped for various reasons, the concrete in the vehicle will be scrapped, which will seriously cause the concrete to solidify in the vehicle and cause the mixing transport vehicle to be scrapped. This puts strict requirements on the reliability of the mixer truck, and does not allow the mixer truck to shut down during work. Therefore, the first thing to consider when selecting a concrete mixer truck is that the vehicle must be very reliable, and the possibility of failure of key parts such as the engine and the transmission-drive device should be as low as possible.

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Buying point two: Load should be appropriate

Theoretically, the larger the loading capacity of the transport vehicle, the higher the transport efficiency, but this will also cause the vehicle purchase cost to rise linearly and the passability to decrease. The loading capacity is 8-9m. The concrete mixer truck with 8 × 4 chassis has a specific load of 6-7m. The price of 6 × 4 chassis is 309/5 ~ 40% more expensive. At the same time, the construction site is generally small and the temporary construction road is in poor condition. The problem of inconvenience for large vehicles, especially semi-trailers must be fully considered. Therefore, when determining the loading capacity of the vehicle, we must comprehensively consider all factors, and we must not take this into account.

Buying point three: Concrete storage tank should be wear-resistant

Sand and gravel are the main components of concrete. They make the concrete storage tanks and the inlets and outlets severely worn during work. In general, the service life of concrete storage tanks made of low alloy steel is 50,000 to 80,000 m. The life of the spiral blades in the concrete storage tank is only 30,000 to 40,000 m. . Domestic concrete storage tanks are generally made of high-strength low-alloy steel steel, which is 1 to 2 times more resistant to wear than ordinary A3 steel. Some imported concrete storage tanks use special wear-resistant steel made of manganese and boron, and are reinforced with wear-resistant materials in the easy-to-wear parts, so their service life can be doubled compared to those made of low-alloy steel. It can be seen that the working life varies greatly depending on the materials used.

Buying point four: Thorough discharge of concrete storage tanks

The problems often encountered in these uses must also be considered. For example, if the discharge is not complete, the concrete remaining in the tank will accumulate, which will reduce the storage tank capacity and make cleaning very difficult.

Buying points five: Better after-sales service

Concrete mixer truck is a kind of special heavy-duty vehicle, which has less ownership and fewer sources of accessories. Compared with general GM, it depends more on the after-sales service of manufacturers. Therefore, whether manufacturers can provide convenient, fast and reliable after-sales service is an important factor that must be considered in the selection.

Buying points six: Price must be reasonable

Consider the price factor on the premise of meeting the above requirements. The double-chassis concrete mixer truck with a loading capacity of 6 to 7m is the model with a higher performance-price ratio, followed by a semi-trailer with a loading capacity of 10-12m, and a lower performance-price ratio for a loading capacity of 8-10m. Therefore, generally 6 ~ 7m concrete mixer truck is used. In addition, in order to meet the needs of individual large-scale projects, a small number of 10-12m semi-trailers can be appropriately configured. This can take into account various needs and is a more reasonable configuration.

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