HM10-D Concrete Mixer Truck

HM10-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer provides low price high quality concrete mixer truck made in china for sale.

Mixing Capacity: 10m3
Tank Volume: 17.5m3
Feeding Speed: ≥3.5m³/min
Discharging Speed: ≥3m³/min

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Description of HM10-D Concrete Truck Mixer

1. Perfect flushing system: large capacity water tank and efficient circular pressurized water cleaning.

2. Powerful power system: closed loop, using parts from famous brands all over the world.

3. Flexible control system: by type and mechanical shaft, master inversion of control mixers and mixers speed.

Buying concrete concrete mixer truck

With the development of our science and technology, more and more technologies have made our lives and work more convenient. Just like in the construction industry, the emergence of various new materials, various mechanical equipment, etc. make work easier and improve the quality of construction. HM10-D concrete mixer truck made in China is an indispensable equipment in the construction industry, which can process concrete while driving. So, how about the price of concrete mixer truck? It is related to many factors and cannot give the most accurate answer. Want to know the latest prices, it is recommended to go to the local market to ask, it is the most intuitive and most accurate. HM10-D concrete mixer truck manufacturers share with you how to purchase concrete mixer trucks. The specific techniques are as follows:

HM10-D concrete mixer truck for sale

Choose a mixer truck according to the road surface you often run

The concrete mixer truck drives the rear tank to rotate while driving to achieve the purpose of mixing. This has a lot to do with the road conditions. If the road surface that is often run is relatively flat, and in most cases driving on the road, you can choose a single-stage reduction bridge to ensure the quality of mixing. If the road is potholes, you must choose a wheel speed reduction bridge, so that you can ensure that the stirring effect will not be affected during the driving process.

Choose the mixer truck according to the tank volume

There are different sizes of HM10-D concrete mixer truck for manufacturer to choose at will. There are large and small volumes. At present, the more popular is the small concrete mixer truck, which is relatively cost-effective. However, when we purchase, we must decide according to the amount of work. If the amount of work is relatively large, choosing a large-capacity concrete mixer truck can save a lot of time and cost. What can be satisfied can still have a lot of costs. When buying a low price HM10-D concrete mixer truck for sale, it is necessary to choose according to the actual engineering volume and the specific tank volume, in order to buy the most suitable one.

Buy mixer truck according to tire

There are currently two options for high quality HM10-D concrete mixer truck tires, one is a steel tire, and the other is a nylon tire. There is a big difference between the two. Generally speaking, the performance of steel tires is better than nylon tires, and the natural price is much more expensive. However, nylon tires can also be used under normal circumstances without much impact. You can purchase according to your actual situation, there is no need to spend more than the budget for high-performance tires.

HM10-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer

The above is to tell you about the three techniques for purchasing concrete mixer trucks. Judging the selection by the road surface, tank volume and tires that are often run. Of course, if you want to know the concrete mixer truck price, you can go to the specific inquiry.

Precautions for use of concrete mixer truck

1. The hydraulic oil pressure, oil, oil and oil temperature of the HM10-D concrete mixer truck made in China and hydraulic transmission system should meet the specified requirements without leakage.

2. During transportation, the amount of concrete loaded should not exceed the allowable load mass.

3. The high quality HM10-D concrete mixer truck for sale should stand outside before loading the 8 × 4 concrete mixer truck tube upside down. Before installation, it is best to prevent the sticking by adding a small amount of water.

4. Driven by the mixer truck. After taking the long discharge chute, the discharge chute must be fixed upside down, and then fixed with a pin frame together with the vertical part of the machine body to prevent pedestrian instability and swing injury to pedestrians or affect vehicle operation.

5. When the low price HM10-D concrete mixer truck passes through bridges, caves, warehouses and other facilities, attention should be paid to the height and width to avoid collision. Particularly noteworthy is the length of the current four-axle long tanker. When the height through the bridge opening is close to the limit, the body is a long chord on the curved road surface, and the passing height will be reduced.

6. The continuous operation of the stirring device does not exceed 8 hours.


Mixing Capacity


Tank Volume


Feeding Speed



Discharging Speed


Residual Ratio of Discharging



Water Supply System


Air pressure

Water Tank Volume


Overall Dimension



Chassis Model





φ430 Monolithic dry type

Min Ground Clearance


Max Speed


Engine Max Output Power


Emission Standard

mmEuro Ⅲ

Rated Load


Overall Weight




Production Case


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