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Common Sense of Safe Use of Concrete Pumps

Trailer concrete pumps play the role of transporters in large concrete projects such as high-rise, high-speed and overpass, so they are very important. For concrete pumps, correct and safe use is equally important. How should we use the concrete pump correctly in the daily operation?

First, the landing site for concrete pump work should be flat and solid, with no obstacles around and no high-voltage power transmission lines above. On-board pumps must not be parked in dangerous areas such as slopes.

Second, trailer concrete pump once in place, should immediately set up the leg and keep the fuselage level and stability;

Three, homework inspection items shall meet the following requirements:

1. There are no sundries in the mixing hopper. The protective grid on the hopper is intact and tightly covered.

2. The conveying pipeline is firmly connected and well sealed.

3. The hydraulic system works normally and the pipeline has no leakage. Cleaning water pump and equipment are complete and good.

Trailer concrete pumps

4. lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, water tank to add enough, tire pressure in accordance with the provisions, lighting and signal indicator lamp is complete lighting is good.

Four, before pumping, when the hydraulic oil temperature is lower than 15℃, should be used to extend the idle running time to improve the oil temperature.

5. When pumping should check the operation of the trailer concrete pump and mixing device, monitoring the instrument and indicator light, if found abnormal, should stop processing in time.

6. After the completion of an operation, or due to other circumstances to stop the operation for a long time, must be within the prescribed time for concrete pump and pipeline cleaning as soon as possible, to avoid the residual concrete condensation in the pump body and pipeline.

7. If found that the pumping pipeline system is blocked, should be carried out in a timely manner to deal with the pump operation, make the initial formation of aggregate aggregation is loose, then return to normal pumping. Do not force delivery, so as not to cause more serious aggregate aggregation. If the pumping system of the trailer concrete pump has been blocked, the reason for the blockage should be checked in time, the blocked part should be judged and eliminated as soon as possible.

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