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Safe Operation of Concrete Batching Plant Precautions

  1. Safety requirements for electrical systems of concrete batching plant for sale. The safety requirements of the electrical system in the selection of equipment are as follows: the equipment console should be equipped with an emergency power off switch. In an emergency situation, the emergency power off switch should be able to cut off the total power supply and cannot be reset automatically. The access cover and the opening and closing power supply of the forced stirring main engine should be equipped with an interlock device. When the access cover is opened, the power supply should be cut off and the main engine cannot be started. Based should be considered in the design of the concrete batching plant set up special grounding network, and the building, the electrical connection in the power house is reliable, grounding resistance is not more than 10 Ω, computer control system should be equipped with independent grounding network, grounding resistance is not greater than 4 Ω.

    concrete batching plant for sale

  2. Safety requirements for structural components. According to the standards of commercial concrete mixing station, safety protection devices shall be installed on the working platform, feeding material, bone bin, cement bin and other parts involving personal safety in the mixing station. The exposed parts of the transmission system shall have protective devices and safety maintenance protection devices. The width of the platform and the platform shall be no less than 50cm, and the skirting board with a height of no less than 5cm shall be set at the edge to prevent the tools, metals and other materials from falling into the gap between the platform steps and causing casualties.

  3. Safety design of mixing station foundation. The foundation design of the concrete batching plant for sale shall be designed and confirmed by a qualified architect according to the local geology or the actual situation of the concrete batching plant. The allowable compressive stress of the ground is generally 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa, and the foundation strength is calculated according to GB5007 standard. For the hard soil, the foundation concrete can be poured only after the bottom matting is generally carried out after excavation. C30 concrete is generally used. After excavation of soft foundation, it is necessary to select different techniques for foundation bottom reinforcement according to the degree of filling after excavation. The common reinforcement method of concrete batching plants is to hit plum piles, or to increase the foundation area to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation, so as to prevent the foundation from cracking and sinking in the future to bring hidden trouble to the equipment and production.

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