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Repair Faulty Parts of Concrete Mixer In Time

In the production process, when China js500 concrete mixer cannot be produced in a short period of time due to insufficient transportation vehicles or paving capacity, etc., the "off switch" can be pressed to stop the feeding of the batching device and the impeller feeder. Turn off the pump motor and stop water supply; keep the remaining motors running.

When an emergency occurs in normal production, please press the "emergency stop" button at all stop positions, after which all motors will stop running. However, since various materials have not been delivered, restarting again will cause unnecessary trouble (the materials on the mixer, polymer belt conveyor and loading belt conveyor need to be completely removed before being opened again).

China js500 concrete mixer shall be well protected and maintained, and shall be inspected and maintained in a timely manner. Repair the faulty parts of the concrete mixer in time to reduce equipment loss and prevent the equipment from running normally. This fee is to save more maintenance costs. Retain large sums of money with less money.

china js500 concrete mixer for sale

Save materials and costs. The js500 concrete mixer for sale has a large workload and uses more materials. Therefore, there is a small amount of waste and material loss, but the axillary system will become wasteful, and after such a long time, more loss will definitely be wasted. Therefore, in the construction process, the raw materials produced must be used very efficiently, and these materials must be recycled and reused.

Save water and electricity. Water is the basic production factor for the production of mixed concrete. Electricity is an important production factor for the production of mixed concrete. Establish the production mechanism of reclaimed water in the concrete mixing plant equipment. At the same time, the electricity consumption of the equipment of the concrete mixing station should be monitored. Disconnect the power supply during use to reduce the power loss of the device during standby.

During the operation of China js1000 concrete mixer, the operator should pay attention to the current of the main motor and prohibit overload operation. In order to accurately load and unload materials when opening or closing the mixing tank, a microphone and sound amplifier can be used to make phone calls so that the driver can adjust the truck's position under the mixing tank to complete the work. The microphone can also be used as a warning before starting, or to remind outdoor workers in the event of an accident or an accident in the production process.

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