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Ways of Reducing Abrasion of Concrete Mixer

Because the wear of js1000 concrete mixer brings a lot of trouble to the customers, the different degrees of wear will almost affect the normal operation of the concrete mixer. The wear is unavoidable, but the wear can be reduced. How to reduce it? In order to reduce the abrasion of the concrete mixer, the user is expected to take a closer look at the following introduction.

The first is the lubrication of concrete mixers. There are many places that need to be lubricated. The methods and amounts of adding lubricants are different. Sometimes it is necessary to replace new lubricants, and it is also necessary to periodically quantify fake lubricants. Users must understand these lubrications. Technology to ensure the lubrication of js1000 concrete mixers.

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Secondly, there are vibrating screens, mixing blades, surfaces, and mixing drums in the parts of js1000 concrete mixers that are prone to wear. How to reduce the wear in these places?

1. The key to vibration screen wear is vibration bearings. Users must choose high-quality bearings, and the lubrication device must be reasonable. Users must always lubricate the bearings.

2. Because the mixing blades need to stir the concrete, they are generally subject to severe wear. This requires users to pay attention to avoiding large hard objects or steel wires and other objects in the mixing barrel when adding materials, and often to perform maintenance on the mixing blades.

3. The possible reasons for the surface of the js1000 concrete mixer to be abraded are micro-shock, sliding, impact, abrasion, rust, etc. This requires users to pay attention to avoid collisions and keep the surface clean when using, and to deal with it in time when rust is found.

4. The mixing drum of the js1000 concrete mixer is also often worn, which requires the user to clean the mixing drum immediately after the work is finished to prevent the concrete from solidifying in the mixing drum.

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