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Production Process Of Concrete Batching Plant

Under normal circumstances, the process of china stationary concrete batching plant generally includes six aspects: site, feeding system, feeding, operation, shutdown, and safety. The operator should also comply with the following operating requirements. The details of its operation are as follows:

1. The manufacturer must keep clean at all times to ensure smooth drainage. This is a rigid basic requirement;  

china stationary concrete batching plant factory

2. Loading-the system should prevent aggregates from entering the operating mechanism;

3. Feeding-one feed and multiple feeds can be used. One feed is to put the materials into the mixer according to a certain process sequence, but it is not allowed to feed cement first to avoid cement sticking to the shaft;

4. Operation-When the concrete mixing plant is officially put into operation, it is necessary to reasonably control the measurement accuracy and mixing time to ensure that the process requirements are met;

5. Shutdown-clean concrete must be discharged before the equipment is shut down, and at the same time, clean up the mixing site to maintain a good environment;

stationary concrete batching plant factory

6. Safety-this is the top priority in all operations, all must abide by operating procedures and safety precautions to ensure the safe production of concrete mixing plants.

Its operators need to have sufficient understanding of the mixing and production process of the concrete mixing plant production line to be proficient in operating the equipment. Therefore, this reminds the customer to train the operating staff on the process. As a professional stationary concrete batching plant factory, it can provide customers with professional installation and training instructions, ensuring that customers can use the equipment smoothly.

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